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Weave is a next-generation, visually engaging, AI-powered information medium that empowers users with seamless information discovery.
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Nosa Omoigui

Founder and CEO of Weave

Deep expertise in AI, Personalization, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling & Interactive Media
*22 granted patents
* 49 pending patents

Nosa is the Founder and CEO of Weave. With his deep knowledge of artificial intelligence technology, his leadership skills and his passion for applying artificial intelligence to create new forms of mass media, Nosa’s vision is to change how consumers and knowledge workers around the world discover and engage with information.

Nosa was until recently a Senior Manager at Amazon where he led a team responsible for personalization and analytics for AmazonLocal, Amazon’s offering in the local commerce space. And prior to that, Nosa founded Nervana, Inc., a venture-funded semantic search and data management company focused on Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Bioinformatics.

Prior toNervana, Nosa spent 6 years at Microsoft Research and Microsoft, where he was a Development Manager, Research Manager and designated Technology Strategist (company-wide).

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Kimberly Padley
Kimberly moved to Seattle in 2014 to explore new career opportunities. Prior toWeaveshe worked on the Content Team for the app/website Zomato. She has a degree in Sociology from the University of Miami and is a certified UX Designer. In her sparetimeKimberly is a devoted yoga practitioner.
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Liisa Kaufman
Liisa graduated from Gonzaga University with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and French Studies. Before Weave, she taught English on the island of Martinique, worked for a Congressman in Washington D.C. and assisted the CEO of National Geographic. When she's not in the office Liisa is horseback riding or working on a film project.
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Maryam Ghaffari
Maryam is a product of her entrepreneurial, academic and business experience in several industries. Maryam worked for both Gannett and Belo as a marketing specialist. After earning her graduate degrees in marketing and business, Maryam taught univeristy business courses. While teaching, she worked with TechGROWTH Ohio to build and grow a sports performance device business.
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