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Weave is a Finalist for the 2017 HRO Today Forum EMEA iTalent Competition

Weave | October 2, 2017

OCTOBER 2, 2017 BELLEVUE, WA – Weave, a leading provider of AI-powered publishing and storytelling solutions to enterprises, has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 HRO Today EMEA iTalent Competition. The iTalent awards recognize innovative, up-and-coming HR technologies. Finalists are selected by invitation only and the winners will be announced at the HRO Today Forum EMEA in Dublin on November 8, 2017.

“We are honored to be nominated as a finalist for the 2017 HRO Today Forum EMEA iTalent Competition. In today’s highly competitive job market standing out from the crowd has never been more important to recruiters seeking top-flight talent. Weave’s AI-Powered Visual Storytelling platform transforms static, uninspiring job descriptions and career sites into live, interactive, personalized, mixed-media information hubs, dramatically boosting candidate engagement in the process,” said Nosa Omoigui, Founder and CEO of Weave. “This results in a significantly expanded pool of highly qualified candidates, shorter hiring cycles and reduced hiring costs.”

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About Weave

Weave provides an automated, AI-powered publishing and storytelling platform to help businesses deliver extremely rich, personalized and measurable content experiences to attract, engage, retain and understand customers. Weave employs natural-language-processing, machine learning and AI-based content augmentation to automatically transform static enterprise documents (white-papers, brochures, market research reports, sales documents, press releases, job descriptions, product specifications, financial reports, earnings call transcripts, etc.) to dynamic, interactive, mixed-media information hubs – in the process increasing user engagement by up to 55X. Weave also aligns the delivery of content with how today’s consumers prefer to consume content: Visual, Interactive, Mobile, Personalized and Snackable (via bite-sized content pieces). And by providing deep analytics on precisely what drives user engagement Weave helps businesses not only gain a deeper understanding of their customers but also helps improve content planning, micro-targeting, audience segmentation, lead generation, user personalization and demand alignment, thereby deepening customer relationships while also reducing content-related marketing costs.