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Weave Shortlisted for the AIconics Awards at the World’s Foremost AI Business Conference

Weave | September 25, 2017

SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO, CAWeave, a leading provider of AI-powered publishing and visual storytelling solutions to enterprises, has been shortlisted for the “Best Application of AI for Sales & Marketing” at the AIconics awards, the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business.

The winners will be announced at “The AI Summit San Francisco,” the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to decipher the practical implications of AI for corporate organisations.

Following the significant advances made in recent AI technologies and applications in 2017, the AIconics awards was at its most competitive, with over 300 entries across the 10 awards.

“We are humbled by the recognition of the AIconics award shortlist and excited at the opportunity to better serve our customers. Weave’s AI and visual storytelling platform is reinventing digital publishing and transforming the customer experience. As content engagement rates continue to plummet, delivering much more engaging, immersive content experiences has become imperative for marketers to cut through the noise and to acquire and retain customers,” said Nosa Omoigui, Founder and CEO of Weave. “The Weave platform reimagines and automatically transforms business documents – whitepapers, brochures, sales collateral, research reports, financial reports, product specs, job descriptions, legal briefs and much more – into a modern document format intelligently augmented with relevant videos, photos, information from LinkedIn, social media, industry content and numerous other sources. The result is a document format that is live, dynamic, interactive, connected, contextual, measurable and self-aware with orders of magnitude increases in customer engagement rates. By aligning digital publishing with how today’s consumers prefer to consume media – visual, interactive, dynamic, personalized and optimized for current and future devices – Weave helps marketers turbocharge customer acquisition and retention while reducing content-related marketing costs.”

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About Weave

Weave provides an automated, AI-powered publishing and storytelling platform to help businesses deliver extremely rich, personalized and measurable content experiences to attract, engage, retain and understand customers. Weave employs natural-language-processing, machine learning, and AI-based content augmentation to automatically transform static enterprise documents (white-papers, brochures, market research reports, sales documents, press releases, job descriptions, product specifications, financial reports, earnings call transcripts, etc.) to dynamic, interactive, mixed-media information hubs – in the process increasing user engagement by up to 55X. Weave also aligns the delivery of content with how today’s consumers prefer to consume content: Visual, Interactive, Mobile, Personalized and Snackable (via bite-sized content pieces). And by providing deep analytics on precisely what drives user engagement Weave helps businesses not only gain a deeper understanding of their customers but also helps improve content planning, micro-targeting, audience segmentation, lead generation, user personalization and demand alignment, thereby deepening customer relationships while also reducing content-related marketing costs.