Parallel 54°40′ north is a line of latitude between the 54th and 55th parallels north that forms the southernmost boundary between the U.S. State of Alaska and the Canadian Province of British Columbia. The boundary was originally established as a result of tripartite negotiations between the Russian Empire, the British Empire and the United States, resulting in parallel treaties in 1824 and 1825.



I Go Blind
"I Go Blind" is a song by Canadian alternative rock group 54-40.
One Day in Your Life
"One Day in Your Life" is a song by Canadian rock group 54-40.
She La
"She La" is a song by Canadian rock group 54-40, released as the second single from the band's 1992 album, Dear Dear.
Radio Love Songs: The Singles Collection
Radio Love Songs: The Singles Collection is a 2002 greatest hits collection by Canadian rock group, 54-40.

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