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Bobby Bones is an American musician and actor based in Los Angeles. He first emerged onto the music scene in the early 1980s with punk rock band The Mau-Mau's[1] and after 1987 was with Demolition Gore Galore.

After a 10-year break, he returned with another punk rock band the Flesh Eaters.[2][3] Bobby then went on to be in garage rock band The Morlocks,[4] and psychedelic rock band Spindrift.[5][6]

His acting debut was a role in the 2008, American independently produced film The Legend of God's Gun in which he played a gun-slinging preacher returning to the debaucherous town of Playa Diablo seeking revenge from the notorious scorpion-venom drinking bandito El Sobero.[7]

Bobby is a member of The Silver Chords[8] and also of Sky Parade who will be embarking on a west coast tour later in the year with Mark Gardener from Ride.[9]



Dis Outlaw Life
Dis Outlaw Life is an album by musical artist Bobby Bones, released on April 11, 2016.
The Flesh Eaters
The Legend of God's Gun
The Legend of God's Gun is a 2007 American independently produced film celebrating the tradition of western films and the spirit of Rock and Roll.

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