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Bran Van 3000 (also known as BV3) is a Canadian alternative rock collective from Montreal, Quebec. Founded by DJ James Di Salvio and E.P. Bergen, they collaborated on a number of songs with Stéphane Moraille, Sara Johnston, Steve "Liquid" Hawley, Jayne Hill, Jean Leloup, Kim Bingham, Pierre-Luc Cerat and other musicians.



"Astounded" is a song by Canadian musical collective Bran Van 3000.
Drinking in L.A.
"Drinking in L.A." is a song by Canadian electronica collective Bran Van 3000, released as the band's first single; in the U.S. "Drinking in L.A." failed to generate interest from Alternative stations, yet in the UK and Canada it continues to generate airplay.
Glee is the debut studio album by Canadian music collective Bran Van 3000.
Discosis is the second album from Canadian group Bran Van 3000 released in summer 2001.

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