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Craig Finn (born August 22, 1971) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known as the frontman of the American indie rock band The Hold Steady, with whom he has recorded six studio albums. Prior to forming The Hold Steady, Finn was the frontman of Lifter Puller. Described by Pitchfork as "a born storyteller who's chosen rock as his medium,"[1] Finn has released three solo albums, Clear Heart Full Eyes (2012), Faith in the Future (2015) and We All Want the Same Things (2017).



Fault Lines
Fault Lines is a song by musical artist Craig Finn, released on November 30, 2017.
We All Want the Same Things
We All Want the Same Things is the third studio album by Craig Finn.
The Hold Steady
Faith in the Future
Faith in the Future is the second studio album by the American indie rock musician Craig Finn, released on September 11, 2015 on Partisan Records.

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Craig Finn And The Uptown Controllers – “Galveston”
  –  March 13, 2018
(It’s from an installment in a series called Devinyl Splits in which Devine always partners with another musician; his collab with Finn ... The track also ends with the very Craig Finn lines of “Seems like the faith we attain is a function of how ...
We All Want The Same Things - A Q&A Interview With Craig Finn
  –  December 29, 2017
I spoke with Craig Finn about the importance of creating a community via the performance of live music, the impact of the Midwest on the characters he's created on We All Want The Same Things and his approach to the ideas of empathy and love on his latest ...
Craig Finn And The Uptown Controllers – “Galveston”
  –  March 13, 2018
It’s been four years since the Hold Steady’s last album, Teeth Dreams. Through a lot of that time, the band has popped back up occasionally, whether to play shows marking the 10 year anniversary of their landmark Boys And Girls In America or to drop ...
Hear a New Craig Finn Song from His Split with Kevin Devine
  –  March 13, 2018
The Hold Steady has slowed down a bit in recent years. The beloved rock band that once toured heavily and reliably released albums on a nearly annual schedule has been prone to long bouts of inactivity lately. But the group broke a cold snap this month ...
Kevin Devine announces ‘Devinyl Splits Vol 2.’ with Craig Finn, Petal & more
  –  March 12, 2018
Back in 2015, Kevin Devine released a series of split 7″s called Devinyl Splits, and he’s doing it again this year. The first one will be with Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn and his backing band The Uptown Controllers and the second one will be with ...
The Hold Steady return with new single 'Eureka' b/w 'Esther'
  –  March 6, 2018
Last year Craig Finn released his third album We All Want The Same Things, his most satisfying solo collection to date, featuring one of our favourite songs of the year, 'God In Chicago'. Now he has returned to his main project The Hold Steady, bringing ...
The Hold Steady’s Renaissance Continues With Another Pair Of Inspired Songs, ‘Eureka’ And ‘Esther’
  –  March 5, 2018
Of course, with bandleader Craig Finn just releasing what many are considering his best solo album, it might just be a perfect storm of creativity in The Hold Steady’s camp.
Brian Fallon: Do It For The Lovers
  –  February 27, 2018
Fallon points to some of his fellow artists — like Craig Finn of the Hold Steady, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver — as artists who manage to sound like themselves regardless of what genre or group they’re working with. Over the last year or so ...
Singer Craig Finn finds glory in the spoken word
  –  January 5, 2018
The theme, plot and characters in “God in Chicago” recall many of Craig Finn’s songs. Its narrative is about two people lost between adolescence­ and adulthood. There’s a road trip, a drug deal, a stab at romance and a muted, almost numb ending.
We All Want The Same Things - A Q&A Interview With Craig Finn
  –  December 29, 2017
Before an October solo performance at City Winery, I spoke with Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn about his latest solo album We All Want The Same Things, connecting with an audience despite divisive times, Chicago as a recurring character/setting in his ...


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