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Daniel Dewan Sewell[1][2] (born March 16, 1981), better known by his stage name Danny Brown, is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He is best known for his individuality, being described by MTV as "one of rap's most unique figures in recent memory".[3] In 2010, after amassing several mixtapes, Brown released his debut studio album, The Hybrid. Brown began to gain major recognition after the release of his second studio album, XXX, which received critical acclaim and earned him such accolades as Spin, as well as Metro Times "Artist of the Year".[4] In 2013, he entered a US Billboard chart, with the release of his third studio album, Old, which reached number 18 on the US Billboard 200 chart and spawned three singles, "Dip", "25 Bucks" and "Smokin & Drinkin". His latest studio album, Atrocity Exhibition, was released on September 27, 2016.



Kool Aid
Kool Aid is a song by musical artist Danny Brown, released on May 12, 2017.
Old is the third studio album by American rapper Danny Brown.
Atrocity Exhibition
Atrocity Exhibition is the fourth studio album by American rapper Danny Brown.
XXX (pronounced "triple x" or "30") is the second studio album by American rapper Danny Brown.

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Danny Brown Performs In His Underwear With Run The Jewels
  –  November 20, 2017
Danny Brown is not like the others. The Detroit rapper that is Danny Brown is probably one of hip-hops most humourous emcees, in the best way. Everything from his witty interaction with his fans on Twitter to how he goes along with anything, like the time ...
Danny Brown Performs in His Underwear Alongside Run The Jewels
  –  November 20, 2017
The 36-date trek wrapped up on Nov. 16 in Glasgow, Scotland. In related Danny Brown news, the rapper was supposed to have his Live at the Majestic documentary released on Apple Music, but the project was reportedly shelved. The film was set for a Nov. 7 ...
Detroit rapper Danny Brown teamed up with Dabrye on a deliciously dark new track
  –  November 11, 2017
It’s a local affair for rapper Danny Brown and longtime producer Dabrye. Brown recently revealed that the follow-up to his Atrocity Exhibition LP is in the works. And, Danny's toiling away on other projects too. Most recently, he's featured on Dabrye’s ...
Danny Brown's Apple Music Doc Has Been Shelved
  –  November 10, 2017
Bad news Danny Brown fans. Remember that Live at the Majestic documentary ... saying that it’s “not coming out” and had “pretty much” been shelved by Apple. The Detroit rapper didn’t offer any specifics as to why it hadn’t been released ...
Danny Brown’s concert documentary shelved
  –  November 10, 2017
Rapper Danny Brown has blamed Apple Music bosses for shelving the planned release of his concert film Live At The Majestic. The hip-hop star recruited filmmaker Andrew Cohn to document a recent show at the historic Majestic Theatre in his hometown of ...
Danny Brown Says Apple Music "Pretty Much" Shelved His Concert Documentary Live at the Majestic
  –  November 9, 2017
We don’t know what a Danny Brown concert documentary might be like—though we had some inkling with the premiere of Live at the Majestic before Atrocity Exhibition came out last year. Earlier this month, the rapper announced that the doc would be out ...
Danny Brown’s Apple Music documentary has reportedly been shelved
  –  November 9, 2017
Danny Brown's concert film Live At The Majestic, scheduled for release on November 7 on Apple Music, may not be released at all. As Stereogum reports, the Detroit rapper said the Andrew Cohn-directed documentary was "not coming out" during a Twitter Q&A ...
Watch Danny Brown reflect on life in Detroit in trailer for new documentary
  –  November 9, 2017
Detroit rapper Danny Brown has always wanted to be a rap star, or so he proclaims in his upcoming documentary trailer, Live at the Majestic. Directed by Andrew Cohn, the concert film/documentary showcases Brown’s origins in the city, his introspective ...
Dabrye – “The Appetite” (Feat. Roc Marciano, Quelle Chris, & Danny Brown)
  –  November 8, 2017
But the most impressive lineup appears on the song “The Appetite,” which features verses from hard-muttering Long Island auteur Roc Marciano, Detroit rapper/producer Quelle Chris, and, in an electric moment, a euphorically yelpy Danny Brown.
Danny Brown Shares 'Live at The Majestic' Apple Music Concert Documentary Trailer
  –  November 2, 2017
Danny Brown is heading back to his stomping grounds of Detroit to perform his first-ever show at Detroit's Majestic Theater and Apple Music will chronicle the rapper's preparation process in the upcoming documentary Danny Brown: Live at The Majestic, ...
Apple Music to stream documentary 'Danny Brown: Live at the Majestic' on Nov. 7
  –  November 2, 2017
Apple Music has scored exclusive streaming rights to "Danny Brown: Live at the Majestic," a documentary chronicling the Detroit rapper's return to his home town for a first-ever gig at the Majestic Theater. Teased in a brief trailer on Wednesday ...


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