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Empress Of is the solo project of Los Angeles-based, American singer-songwriter, Lorely Rodriguez. Ethnically, her parents are Spanish-Honduran descents. She gained attention in 2012 for anonymously releasing a series of 1 minute-long demos (via YouTube) prefaced only by a solid color entitled "Colorminutes".[1] Her first 7" single, "Champagne" was released soon after on November 5, 2012 through a limited run via No Recordings.[2][3]

Lorely's stage name was inspired by a tarot card reading she did with a friend: “The first card he pulled out was an Empress card and I was like, 'It's me, I am Empress.' [...] the Empress card is connected to fertility and mothering and strength. It's kind of nice to have those feelings.”[4]

On April 2, 2013, her bilingual 4-track EP, "Systems" was released via Double Denim/Terrible Records in the UK & North America respectively.[5] Since the release of her EP, she's showcased at SXSW, Iceland Airwaves and Pitchfork's Summer Music Festival[6] and toured as a support act with the likes of Jamie Liddell, Jungle, Kimbra and Florence and The Machine.

"Water Water", the first single off her debut full-length Me was released on April 14, 2015.[7] She has also revealed a Spanish-language version of the track, 'Agua Agua' "so that [her] mother listens [to her] music. Me was released on September 11, 2015 via XL Recordings/Terrible. The album was recorded in Mexico City.

Go to Hell, (presumably) the first single off her second studio album was released July 12. 2017 via Terrible Records.



Go to Hell
"Go To Hell" is a song by American singer Empress Of from her upcoming second studio album.
Me is the debut studio album by American singer and songwriter Empress Of, released on September 11, 2015 through XL Recordings and Terrible Records.
How Do You Do It
How Do You Do It is a song by musical group Empress Of, released on September 2, 2015.
Spotify Sessions
Spotify Sessions is an album by musical group Empress Of, released on July 8, 2016.

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Listen to it and check out the single’s cover art below. DJDS and Empress Of are big fans of Del Rey’s music. “There's a story about L.A. in there that pulled us all in,” DJDS said in a statement. “We just wanted to try our own version ...
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DJDS and Empress Of Cover Lana Del Rey’s “Love”: Listen
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DJDS and Empress Of have teamed up to cover Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life song “Love.” Listen to it and check out the single’s cover art below. DJDS and Empress Of are big fans of Del Rey’s music. “There's a story about L.A. in there that pulled ...
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Royal Caribbean will double their cruises to Cuba next summer, with two ships sailing to the country – Majesty of the Seas and Empress of the Seas. The voyages will also offer two new destinations; Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos on the southeast coast.
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This capitalizes on the Crusader’s large stats for its spot in the curve by letting it bash in straight away. Our second bomb, Empress of Ice, is another card that has seen constructed play. This Icy Queen allows you to exhaust an opposing troop whenever ...
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Departing from Miami year-round, Empress of the Seas sailings will include 7-night Best of Cuba itineraries to Cienfuegos, Havana and Nassau; 5-night vacations with an overnight in Havana and a stop in Key West; and an immersive 8-night journey to ...
WWE Raw vs. SmackDown: Winner, Top Highlights and Botches for Week of Nov. 30
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Maurice Williamson is now a gay icon in Japan, and he's a bit bemused
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Takeshita has drawn widespread criticism for saying that same-sex partners of state guests should not be allowed to dine with the Emperor or Empress of Japan. "It doesn't fit with Japan's traditions," he said in a comment he has now apologised for ...
25 Empowerment Anthems: Songs for an Extra Boost of Confidence
  –  November 28, 2017
Consider it a more empowering version of "Firework." "Go to Hell" - Empress Of Brooklyn-based synthpop singer Empress Of released "Go to Hell" earlier this year, and it delivers a message as clear as day to all those who doubt her: go to hell.
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In 1787, Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia, was scheduled for a grand tour of the newly acquired lands of Crimea and New Russia—now part of Ukraine—which she gained by defeating the Ottoman Empire and after signing peace treaties with the ...
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