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Gregory Allen "Greg" Kurstin (born May 14, 1969) is an American record producer, musician and songwriter. Described as "the consummate DIY writer and producer", Kurstin has been associated with releases which have cumulatively sold more than 60 million albums worldwide. He has been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards, including Producer of the Year in 2010 and 2014. In addition to three other Grammys, Kurstin won Producer of the Year (Non-Classical) in 2017.[1][2][3][4][5]

Kurstin co-wrote, produced and played most of the instruments on the record-breaking 2015 Adele single, "Hello". Among others, he has worked with Sia, Beck, Kelly Clarkson, Ellie Goulding, Pink, the Shins, Tegan and Sara, Lily Allen, and the Foo Fighters. He often plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, and engineers and programs the records he produces.[3][6][7][2]

An "exceptionally accomplished" musician, Kurstin began his career as a jazz pianist and later co-founded Geggy Tah. He has collaborated with Inara George in The Bird and the Bee since 2004.[8]



The Bird and the Bee
We Are Born
We Are Born is the fifth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Sia.
The Bird and the Bee
The Bird and the Bee is the self-titled debut studio album by American indie pop duo The Bird and the Bee, released on January 23, 2007 by Blue Note Records.
Annie is a soundtrack to the 2014 film of the same name, released by Roc Nation, Overbrook Entertainment, Madison Gate Records and RCA Records on November 17, 2014.

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Adele, Foo Fighters Producer Greg Kurstin Launches Publishing Joint Venture With Sony/ATV: Exclusive
  –  September 19, 2017
Grammy-award winning songwriter/producer Greg Kurstin has launched a publishing joint venture with Sony/ATV to sign songwriters ... to help push their careers to new levels,” Kurstin tells Billboard. “I really like listening to their tracks and ...
Sia is gearing up to drop a new Christmas album and it’ll be here just in time for the holiday season!
  –  October 17, 2017
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the singer’s frequent collaborator and producer Greg Kurstin revealed that fans can expect a mixture of “really fun uptempo Christmas jams” and “also some fun ballads.” “She is unbelievable ...
Sia Details All-Original Seasonal LP 'Everyday Is Christmas'
  –  October 17, 2017
Singer reteams with longtime collaborator and producer Greg Kurstin for collection of 10 festive tracks Sia has announced her new seasonal LP 'Everyday Is Christmas,' a collection of 10 original tracks the singer wrote alongside producer Greg Kurstin.
Sia Announces Christmas Album with Maddie Ziegler on Cover
  –  October 16, 2017
Sia wrote the collection of original holiday songs with Greg Kurstin. Festive songs like “Candy Cane Lane,” “Ho Ho Ho,” and “Puppies Are Forever” are anchored by ballads “Underneath The Christmas Lights,” “Snowman,” and “Snowflake.”
Review: Without 1D, Niall Horan walks on the folkier side
  –  October 16, 2017
The title song is a triumph of sparseness. Horan has tapped some top producers — including Greg Kurstin, Julian Bunetta and Jacquire King — and they've decided to showcase him, unfussy and without any tricks. The album is a lot like its cover — a ...
Sia is spreading holiday cheer with new Christmas album details
  –  October 16, 2017
Stay tuned & prepare for many goodies along the way 🎀 – Team Sia — sia (@Sia) October 16, 2017 All 10 of the songs on the forthcoming album, including lead single “Santa’s Coming For Us,” were written by Sia and super-producer Greg Kurstin.
LANY at Saint Andrews, 3 Things To Know
  –  October 16, 2017
Or getting in the room with someone like Malay or Greg Kurstin, producers we would love to work with. We’d almost like the live with a producer for four months and see what we got. There’s a lot of songwriters who make pretty unbelievable pop songs ...
Inara George: Young Adult
  –  October 16, 2017
Best known for her work with renowned producer Greg Kurstin as The Bird and the Bee, Inara George has a unique talent for translating vignettes into songs with stylish flair. Her first solo album in a decade comes out in early 2018 and catches her ...
Sia Details ‘Everyday is Christmas’ Album
  –  October 16, 2017
The album will feature 10 all new songs written by the singer with famed producer, Greg Kurstin. See the complete track list below.
Ephemeral Facts Are Confusing Me
  –  October 16, 2017
The surface of Beck’s Colors is glossy and upbeat, as though Beck and his collaborator Greg Kurstin went out of their way to make a record that would sound mainstream and contemporary. They seem most directly inspired by Phoenix – and frankly ...
Pink: Pop star and mum focuses on new album which puts her singing first
  –  October 15, 2017
Yet the music, which Pink created alongside studio wizards such as Max Martin, Jack Antonoff and Greg Kurstin, always feels designed to showcase her powerful singing. Ross Golan, who co-wrote Barbies and served as Pink's vocal producer on the track ...
Concrete and Gold by Foo Fighters Songfacts
  –  October 15, 2017
I had no idea he was a producer too! Then, while Foo Fighters were taking our break – which was basically just us making a record in secret – I asked the guys what they thought about Greg Kurstin. I played them Adele, Sia and Beck, and the guys were ...
Review: Liam Gallagher returns with classic bravado
  –  October 14, 2017
But the album, written by Gallagher with in-demand songwriters including Adele collaborator Greg Kurstin, makes sharp use of his strengths. The strut, the sneer and the soft-centered love of a good tune are all on prominent display. Gallagher's nasal voice ...
Liam Gallagher's Late Late Show Performance Goes Online (Week in Review)
  –  October 14, 2017
The project was produced by Greg Kurstin (Adele, Beck) and Dan Grech-Marguerat (Radiohead, Mumford And Sons). Watch the late night TV performance - here.
Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma:’ Album Review
  –  October 13, 2017
It is a fun pop track but not the massive anthem one would expect from the pair. Heartbreak plays a central role on Beautiful Trauma, and the Greg Kurstin-assisted ballad, “But We Lost It,” delves into a relationship after the flame has gone out.
Pink focuses on her new album, which puts her singing first
  –  October 13, 2017
Yet the music, which Pink created alongside studio wizards such as Max Martin, Jack Antonoff and Greg Kurstin, always feels designed to showcase her powerful singing. Ross Golan, who co-wrote “Barbies” and served as Pink’s vocal producer on the track ...
The Playlist: Mavis Staples Warns of Deadly Force, and 9 More New Songs
  –  October 13, 2017
Working with a hitmaking producer, Greg Kurstin (Adele, Kelly Clarkson), he makes every track a glossy tour de force, with quick-changing arrangements and ever more encyclopedic pop allusions. “Seventh Heaven” juxtaposes thoughts of euphoric love and ...
Review: Upbeat Beck returns on 'Colors'
  –  October 13, 2017
Teaming up with pop producer Greg Kurstin, who played keyboards in his band years ago, Beck has crafted a set of pop songs with a brain, his vocals and lyrics straight out of alt rock, the music bouncing and bubbling all over. Two of the songs ...
Album Review: Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’
  –  October 13, 2017
Greg Kurstin, who co-wrote and produced Adele’s “Hello,” and seemingly every other recent record that the aforementioned guys didn’t have a hand in, worked on two. There’s also fresher meat in the form of rookie-of-the-year candidate Julia ...
Review: Beck's album 'Colors' is one of the year's best
  –  October 13, 2017
The die-hard indie fans will probably take issue with this record’s overall shininess, as Beck and producer Greg Kurstin often pack it with the kind of energy reserved for late-'80s INXS singles. However, there are also other elements present ...
Pink's latest album Beautiful Trauma: Pink gets strength from personal struggles
  –  October 13, 2017
Pink's voice is better than ever, and she's learned on A-list producers – including Greg Kurstin, Max Martin, and Jack Antonoff – but this is basically a breakup album from a woman in a committed relationship. If there's any social commentary it is too ...
INTERVIEW: Beck Details The Making of New Album 'Colors' & Song Meanings
  –  October 13, 2017
Colors includes ten tracks, including the previously-released "Dear Life" and "Up All Night" and was executive produced by Beck himself and his good buddy, and star producer, Greg Kurstin. Beck tells iHeartRadio of his new album Colors, that the album ...
Read All The Lyrics To P!nk’s New Album ‘Beautiful Trauma’
  –  October 13, 2017
Production is handled by Max Martin, Jack Antonoff. Shellback, Steve Mac, Greg Kurstin, and more. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, P!nk explained her inspiration for the new project. “There was no other goal than to not have an album full ...
LA alt rock hero Beck goes pop with Aussie Flume and remembers nearly getting in a fight with a local
  –  October 12, 2017
Beck tapped old mate and former bandmember Greg Kurstin to work with him on Colors. “It’s that refrain you hear ‘Comedy is much harder than drama’ and it really is. Maybe five times harder. I have to say Colors was a huge challenge. “That just ...
Review: Upbeat Beck returns with rich, dance sound
  –  October 9, 2017
But the thing is, Beck doesn't hide when he's happy either. A very different Beck comes across on "Colors," a hook-driven bubbly CD he made with in-demand producer Greg Kurstin, best known for his work with Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Sia and the Foo Fighters.


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