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Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (born July 8, 1998) is an American actor, rapper, singer and songwriter. He is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. Jaden Smith's first movie role was with his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. He also acted in the 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still and the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid, and was in the 2013 film After Earth with his father.



Syre (stylized as SYRE) is the debut studio album by American actor and rapper Jaden Smith.
Falcon is a song by musical artist Jaden Smith, released on November 14, 2017.
Watch Me
Watch Me is a song by musical artist Jaden Smith, released on July 14, 2017.
Batman is a song by musical artist Jaden Smith, released on July 14, 2017.

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Will Smith Delivers A Hilarious Shot-For-Shot Remake Of His Son Jaden’s “Icon” Video
  –  February 7, 2018
Will Smith celebrated his son Jaden Smith earning 100 million Spotify streams of SYRE by delivering a hilarious remake of the video for “Icon.” Donning Jaden’s signature bleach-blonde hair and a fake gold grill, Will recreated the opening scene of ...
Watch IG GOAT Will Smith Mock Jaden Smith's "Icon" Video
  –  February 7, 2018
Will Smith has only been on Instagram for about two months, and he already has 7.5 million followers. The reason? Well…he’s Will Smith. But the other reason is simple: he’s great at Instagram. In his posts he’s part motivational speaker, part comedian.
Will Smith Recreated Jaden Smith’s ‘Icon’ Video On Instagram To Celebrate A Streaming Milestone
  –  February 7, 2018
A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on Feb 6, 2018 at 7:16pm PST A few things that shouldn’t be in question about Will Smith is the dedication he has to his family and his natural talent for crafting a great Instagram post. He’s only got a few ...
Will Smith Congratulates Jaden With Hilarious “Icon” Instagram Video
  –  February 7, 2018
In dad fashion, Smith recreated Jaden Smith’s “Icon” music video and it’s hilariously sweet. Jaden reached 100,000,00 streams on Spotify and like a proud father, the Academy-Award nominee wanted the world to know his son’s great accomplishment.
The Quick Read: Will Smith Recreates Jaden's 'ICON' To Celebrate Streaming Milestone
  –  February 7, 2018
Here's everything you need to know this morning. Will Smith celebrated Jaden Smith's debut album, SYRE, reaching 100,000,000 streams on Spotify by recreating his son's music video for "ICON." The clip is hilarious and absolutely perfect with Smith ending ...
Will Smith Hilariously Parodies Jaden Smith's 'Icon' Video
  –  February 7, 2018
It must be an amazing feeling when you see your child chasing their dreams and finding success with it. That's what inspired Will Smith to parody Jaden Smith's 'Icon' video as a congratulations for reaching 100 million Spotify views - and he absolutely ...
Watch Will Smith hilariously recreate his son Jaden Smith’s ‘Icon’ music video
  –  February 7, 2018
Will Smith has recreated Jaden Smith‘s music video for ‘Icon’ to mark his son’s ‘SYRE’ album notching up 100 million streams on Spotify. Jaden released ‘SYRE’ back in November, releasing his video for album highlight ‘Icon’ that same ...
Jaden Smith’s Dad Will Smith Trolled Him by Parodying His Music Video
  –  February 7, 2018
On Tuesday, Jaden Smith's album Syre reached 100 million streams on Spotify. This is a big deal for anyone, and Jaden's dad, Will Smith, celebrated the major milestone in the most dad way possible: He made a shot-for-shot remake of the start of Jaden's ...
Will Smith Parodies Son Jaden’s ‘Icon’ Music Video in Slippers
  –  February 7, 2018
In his most recent post, the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star paid tribute to his youngest son, Jaden Smith — whose album “SYRE” reached 100 million streams on Spotify — by recreating the opening scene to the music video for his hit song “Icon.”
Will Smith Parodies Jaden’s ‘Icon’ Video, Proving He’s Just As Dorky As Your Dad
  –  February 7, 2018
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Will Smith was all about impersonating his son Jaden Smith on Tuesday in celebration of the young rapper surpassing 100 million streams on Spotify. The Fresh Prince chose to create a shot-for-shot parody of t ...
Will Smith Hilariously Recreates Jaden’s “Icon” Video
  –  February 7, 2018
It’s a celebration for rapper Jaden Smith, with the musician marking more than 100 million streams of his debut album, SYRE, on Spotify. The accomplishment comes a few months after SYRE‘s November 17 release. Partaking in the milestone moment ...
Watch Will Smith’s Hilarious Remake of Jaden Smith’s “Icon” Video
  –  February 7, 2018
On Tuesday (Feb. 6), Jaden Smith announced that his SYRE album had officially earned 100 million streams on Spotify. Now, his father Will Smith has served up the best congratulations possible when he uploaded his own hilarious re-creation of Jaden's ...
Watch Will Smith Hilariously Recreate Jaden Smith’s ‘Icon’ Video
  –  February 7, 2018
Will Smith is an iconic dad. The multitalented rapper-turned-actor celebrated his son Jaden’s 100 million streams of “Icon” by remaking the song’s video in hilarious fashion. Rocking gold fronts, a rope chain, distressed denim jacket, and short ...
Will Smith Recreates Jaden’s ‘Icon’ Video, Infuses it With Dad Jokes
  –  February 7, 2018
When Jaden Smith reached the milestone of 100 million Spotify streams his dad, Will, didn’t get him a cake or a pat on the back. Instead the Fresh Prince himself recreated his son’s “Icon” music video shot for shot with injected dad humor.
Will Smith Hits Peak Dad Remaking Jaden Smith's “ICON” Video
  –  February 7, 2018
What a difference a few months make. We reported a while ago—quite sensibly, we think, considering he released an EDM single—that Will Smith's Midlife Crisis (good band name by the way, if anyone is looking) was well underway. We worried that Will ...
Will Smith Hilariously Recreates Jaden Smith’s ‘Icon’ Music Video To Celebrate Song’s Success
  –  February 7, 2018
When Jaden Smith released the music video for his track “Icon,” the first single off his debut studio album, Syre, he likely didn’t realize the kind of epic homage his own father would create to celebrate the song’s success. Congrats on 100,000,000 ...
Watch Will Smith’s Shot-For-Shot Remake Of Jaden Smith’s “Icon” Video
  –  February 7, 2018
It will never stop being weird that Jaden Smith, our preeminent rich-kid rap weirdo, is the spawn of Will Smith, one of the most effervescently charming and accessible rap stars of the late ’80s. Will Smith is new to Instagram, but he’s apparently ...
'Best Father' Ever! Will Smith Parodies Son Jaden Smith's Music Video on Instagram
  –  February 7, 2018
"Thank you for having the best Instagram on planet earth," Jaden posts after watching the spoof. Will Smith perfectly trolled his own son on Tuesday, Jaden officially hit 100 million Spotify streams for his debut album, "SYRE." In celebration of Jaden ...
Watch Will Smith transform into his son Jaden and recreate Icon video
  –  February 7, 2018
Will Smith and Jaden Smith attend the Premiere Of Netflix's 'Bright' at Regency Village Theatre on December 13, 2017 in Westwood, California Getty Will Smith really is the Instagram gift that just keeps giving. Since joining the photo-sharing platform in ...
Will Smith Reenacts Jaden Smith's ICON Music Video... And It's Iconic
  –  February 7, 2018
Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith have a very unique bond. It's ALL the #GOALS and we couldn't be more jel of their relationship. (Can the Smiths adopt us like, now, please?). So of course when Jaden Smith hit 100,000,000 streams on Spotify, big ...
See what Will Smith has to say about his son Jaden being an ‘Icon’
  –  February 7, 2018
About two months ago, Jaden Smith, son of mega-stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, released the visual for his song “Icon” off of his latest release Syre. The song is high energy and a gold-clad, gold tooth Jaden stands in front of a Tesla Model ...
Will Smith films hilarious parody of son Jaden’s music video
  –  February 7, 2018
If it is a father’s job to take the mickey out of his kids, Will Smith is putting in overtime – because the Fresh Prince star has faithfully reenacted his son Jaden Smith’s music video, complete with a shot of him on the phone in the back of a ...
Will Smith spoofs Jaden Smith's Icon video
  –  February 7, 2018
Will Smith has mocked his son Jaden Smith in a hilarious spoof of his 'Icon' music video, to mark the hit clocking up 100 million streams. The 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It' hitmaker told his 19-year-old rapper son that it was a "delicious gift", for a parent to ...
Will Smith Shares Hilarious Spoof of Jaden Smith's 'Icon' Video to Celebrate Album's Success
  –  February 7, 2018
Rocking an oversized gold chain, fake grills and denim, the 49-year-old actor tries to moon walk to no avail and drops his grills out of his mouth. Rocking an oversized gold chain, fake grill and denim, Will is seen hanging out in a car. He also tries to ...
Jaden Smith-Approved Label C2H4 Mixes Rock and Chemistry at NYFW:M
  –  February 6, 2018
For New York Fashion Week Men’s, Los Angeles based brand, C2H4, presented two collections: The Chemist and Potential of Ego. The “Chemist” collection is a two-tone collection comprised of functional garments which highlight the designer’s signature ...
Jaden Smith Shows Off Shirtless Physique For Early Morning Swim
  –  February 4, 2018
Jaden Smith goes shirtless as he chats with a friend at his car on Saturday (February 3) in Malibu, Calif. The 19-year-old actor and rapper wore a yellow towel around his waist before changing back into his regular clothes.
Jaden Smith Goes Shirtless For Weekend Beach Day
  –  February 4, 2018
Jaden Smith shows off his pectorals while out at the beach on Saturday morning (February 3) in Malibu, Calif. The 19-year-old entertainer went shirtless as he was joined by a couple friends for the morning swim.
Jaden Smith Predicts 'Skate Kitchen' Will Create a Skating Epidemic
  –  January 31, 2018
Jaden Smith was joined by his “Skate Kitchen” co-star Rachelle Vinberg and writer-director Crystal Moselle at the Variety Studio presented by AT&T at the Sundance Film Festival to discuss the movie, which Smith says will create a “skating epidemic.”
Jaden Smith Brightens Up GRAMMYs Red Carpet in 'Raw' Neon Ensemble: Pics!
  –  January 29, 2018
Jaden Smith has arrived to the 60th Annual Grammy Awards! The 19-year-old singer certainly made a statement at Madison Square Garden in New York City, rocking the red carpet in a casual getup that featured bright colors and "raw" patches. Smith seemingly ...
Pete Wentz talks to Jaden Smith about virtual reality and fatherhood
  –  January 26, 2018
Jaden Smith might not seem like an obvious choice as the opening act for a Fall Out Boy tour. What does the son of one of the world’s most famous actors have to do with an emo institution seven records deep into their career? Quite a lot, it turns out.


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