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Jens Martin Lekman (pronounced [jɛns mɑrtɪn lekman])[1] (born 6 February 1981) is a Swedish musician.[2] His music is guitar-based pop with heavy use of samples and strings, with lyrics that are often witty, romantic, and melancholic. His work is heavily influenced by Jonathan Richman and Belle & Sebastian, and he has been likened to Stephin Merritt (of The Magnetic Fields), David Byrne,[1] and Scott Walker.[3]



CORRESPONDENCE: Who Really Needs Who
CORRESPONDENCE: Who Really Needs Who is a song by musical artist Jens Lekman, released on February 6, 2018.
Life Will See You Now
Life Will See You Now is the fourth studio album by Swedish indie pop musician Jens Lekman.
Whip It
Whip It is a 2009 American sports comedy-drama film directed by Drew Barrymore in her directorial debut and written by Shauna Cross, based on her novel Derby Girl.
Night Falls Over Kortedala
Night Falls Over Kortedala is the second studio album by Swedish indie pop musician Jens Lekman.

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Jens Lekman brings whimsy, melancholy, brilliance to The Back Room @ Colectivo
  –  February 13, 2018
In a funny way, it’s hard to imagine a more picturesque narration of a day in the dumb, erratic year that 2018 has already been. If it is to begin with the one-two punch of an hour-long government shutdown (the second in weeks) and a snow emergency, then ...
Jens Lekman
  –  February 11, 2018
If you’re not familiar with Jens Lekman, your music elitist girlfriend or boyfriend probably has heard of him and most likely made a few mix CDs (I know, I’m dating myself) with songs from Lekman alongside artists like fellow Swedish folkster Jose ...
Jens Lekman Brings His DIY Pop to St. Louis for the First Time
  –  February 10, 2018
8 p.m. Saturday, February 10. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue. $15. 314-498-6989. The paradox behind most DIY pop is straightforward: A young artist endeavors to emulate the advanced studio genius of Phil Spector or Brian Wilson or Paul McCartney, and does ...
University of Michigan alum to perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
  –  February 3, 2018
Secretly Canadian, which features a roster of noted indie artists like Antony and the Johnsons, Jens Lekman and Whitney, recognized Dosik's talent and signed him to close out the year. "Being an independent artist, I was able to begin to create an audience ...
The accidental poet
  –  February 3, 2018
Lekman will play solo at his Madison gig. Swedish indie icon Jens Lekman has written a lot of songs. Hundreds of them, in fact — he once overcame a creative slump by releasing a new song every week for a year. And a clear mastery of his craft is evident ...
Hot Spots: Mat Alano-Martin, Jens Lekman, Jason & Gibson Wells
  –  February 1, 2018
This weekend at the Comedy Attic, local comedian and co-creator of the Limestone Comedy Festival Mat Alano-Martin will record his second album. Alano-Martin has performed across the country at comedy festivals, and did his first international show last ...
High School Students First People in Arkansas to Successfully 3D Print a Brain Tumor
  –  January 31, 2018
I think Swedish songwriter and singer Jens Lekman put it best when he explained the concept behind his song “Evening Prayer,” which mentions a 3D printed tumor model. “The idea of printing out something that’s as scary as a tumor into its ...
José González Strikes the Heart of Other People’s Songs
  –  January 31, 2018
In 2003 Jens Lekman showed him “That’s Us (Wild Combination)” before a show they played in Gothenburg. He hoped they could try their hands at a cover together. The two guitarists did, singing the verses in a fan’s unison, showing the song’s ...
Dulis: 10 Great Songs from 2017
  –  December 31, 2017
In no particular order, these are some of the best songs I heard that still hit me just as hard at year’s end. Jens Lekman: What’s That Perfume That You Wear? The best breakup songs are the least morose ones — and with its peppy beat and steel drums ...


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