The AI Summit San Francisco 2017

The AI Summit San Francisco 2017

September 27-28, 2017
September 27-28, 2017

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AI is already here. It’s being implemented in every industry by leading organizations looking to reach unprecedented efficiencies – human capacity truly reimagined.

The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to decipher the practical implications of AI for corporate organizations. We showcase the ground-breaking solutions that are transforming business productivity today and will transform organizations in the future.

The AI Summit – as the pioneering show in the AI space- is only open to qualified business leaders, not students or the general public; the quality of AI Summit attendees is simply unrivalled.

Supported by the leading AI solution providers, including our 2017 Industry Partners Amazon Alexa, Google Cloud Platform, HCL, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Publicis. Sapient and PwC; The AI Summit San Francisco gathers 2000+ of the most senior business CxOs, AI visionaries, AI start-up innovators, press/media and acclaimed researchers.

The quality of our audience, content and overall event experience is unsurpassed; we uniquely have a legacy of 10 market-leading shows around the world to match our passion for AI in Business…

Join us and invest your time in the only one AI event that’s geared for Business Leaders!


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Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines.
The AI Summit
Technology Event
The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference exhibition to decipher the practical implications of AI for corporate organisations.
San Francisco
City in California
Machine learning
Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that, according to Arthur Samuel in 1959, gives "computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed." Evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data – such algorithms overcome following strictly static program instructions by making data-driven predictions or decisions,:2 through building a model from sample inputs.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.[1] Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is applied when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning" and "problem solving".[2]

As machines become increasingly capable, mental facilities once thought to require intelligence are removed from the definition. For instance, optical character recognition is no longer perceived as an example of "artificial intelligence", having become a routine technology.[3] Capabilities currently classified as AI include successfully understanding human speech,[4] competing at a high level in strategic game systems (such as chess and Go[5]), self-driving cars, intelligent routing in content delivery networks, military simulations, and interpreting complex data.

AI research is divided into subfields[6] that focus on specific problems, approaches, the use of a particular tool, or towards satisfying particular applications.

The central problems (or goals) of AI research include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing (communication), perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects.[7] General intelligence is among the field's long-term goals.[8] Approaches include statistical methods, computational intelligence, and traditional symbolic AI. Many tools are used in AI, including versions of search and mathematical optimization, logic, methods based on probability and economics. The AI field draws upon computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, artificial psychology and many others.

The field was founded on the claim that human intelligence "can be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it".[9] This raises philosophical arguments about the nature of the mind and the ethics of creating artificial beings endowed with human-like intelligence, issues which have been explored by myth, fiction and philosophy since antiquity.[10] Some people also consider AI a danger to humanity if it progresses unabatedly.[11] Attempts to create artificial intelligence have experienced many setbacks, including the ALPAC report of 1966, the abandonment of perceptrons in 1970, the Lighthill Report of 1973, the second AI winter 1987–1993 and the collapse of the Lisp machine market in 1987.

In the twenty-first century, AI techniques, both hard (using a symbolic approach) and soft (sub-symbolic), have experienced a resurgence following concurrent advances in computer power, sizes of training sets, and theoretical understanding, and AI techniques have become an essential part of the technology industry, helping to solve many challenging problems in computer science.[12] Recent advancements in AI, and specifically in machine learning, have contributed to the growth of Autonomous Things such as drones and self-driving cars, becoming the main driver of innovation in the automotive industry.

San Francisco

San Francisco (initials SF[24]) (/sæn frənˈsɪsk/, Spanish for Saint Francis; Spanish: [san franˈsisko]), officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California. The consolidated city-county covers an area of about 47.9 square miles (124 km2)[25] at the north end of the San Francisco Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the fourth-most populous city in California, and the 13th-most populous in the United States, with a 2016 census-estimated population of 870,887.[21]

San Francisco was founded on June 29, 1776, when colonists from Spain established Presidio of San Francisco at the Golden Gate and Mission San Francisco de Asís a few miles away, all named for St. Francis of Assisi.[9] The California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid growth, making it the largest city on the West Coast at the time. San Francisco became a consolidated city-county in 1856.[26] After three-quarters of the city was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and fire,[27] San Francisco was quickly rebuilt, hosting the Panama-Pacific International Exposition nine years later. In World War II, San Francisco was a major port of embarkation for service members shipping out to the Pacific Theater.[28] It then became the birthplace of the United Nations in 1945.[29][30][31] After the war, the confluence of returning servicemen, massive immigration, liberalizing attitudes, along with the rise of the "hippie" counterculture, the Sexual Revolution, the Peace Movement growing from opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War, and other factors led to the Summer of Love and the gay rights movement, cementing San Francisco as a center of liberal activism in the United States. Politically, the city votes strongly along liberal Democratic Party lines.

A popular tourist destination,[32] San Francisco is known for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, Fisherman's Wharf, and its Chinatown district. San Francisco is also the headquarters of five major banking institutions and various other companies such as Levi Strauss & Co., Gap Inc.,, Dropbox, Reddit, Square, Inc., Dolby, Airbnb, Weebly, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Yelp, Pinterest, Twitter, Uber, Lyft, Mozilla, Wikimedia Foundation, Craigslist and Weather Underground. It has several nicknames, including "The City by the Bay", "Golden Gate City",[5] "Fog City", "San Fran", and "Frisco", as well as older ones like "The City that Knows How", "Baghdad by the Bay", "The Paris of the West", or simply "The City".[24] As of 2016, San Francisco is ranked high on world liveability rankings.[33]

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Featured Topics - Human-Computer Interaction7

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Regency Center
The Scottish Rites Bodies Regency Center (commonly known as the Regency Center) is a multi-use events venue located in San Francisco, California. The venue opened in 1909 as a masonic lodge. Throughout the years, it has served as a dance studio and movie theatre.


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Oracle rolls out "adaptive intelligence" for its enterprise offerings
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After first dipping into artificial intelligence features with its customer experience apps last year, Oracle Corporation now is extending AI capabilities into its Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud as well as its other enterprise-wide offerings.
AWS and Microsoft announce Gluon, making deep learning accessible to all developers
  –  October 12, 2017
AWS offers over 90 fully featured services for compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, developer, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), security, hybrid and enterprise ...
Feeling FOMO’d? Here Are All the Highlights From The Black Enterprise TechConneXt Summit!
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Black Enterprise’s Silicon Valley technology editor Sequoia ... why he left President Donald Trump’s Manufacturing Council; and how artificial intelligence (AI) will be pervasive in every facet of our lives in the very near future.
Oracle Updates Database to 18C and Makes it Autonomous
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New database, data warehouse, blockchain and artificial intelligence applications debut at Oracle OpenWorld event. At its OracleWorld event, Oracle announced multiple new enterprise applications and services, including the Oracle 18c database, a blockchain ...
Slack partners with Oracle to bring chatbots to the enterprise
  –  October 12, 2017
The plan is to integrate Oracle enterprise software into the messaging tool that ... Oracle's vice president of bots, artificial intelligence and mobile, Suhas Uliyar, explains that employees will be able to pose natural language questions such as "how ...
FeedbacK Coach Delivers First of Its Kind Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Coaching
  –  October 12, 2017
Hampton, VA, October 12, 2017 --( FeedbacK Enterprise announced today the immediate availability of FeedbacK: Coach for golf, a first of its kind app that couples a smartphone’s ability to see, hear, and talk, with Artificial Intelligence ...
GoodData Adds Governance to Enterprise Insights Platform
  –  October 12, 2017
GoodData recently announced the addition of an advanced governance framework to their Enterprise Insights Platform ... uses machine learning to enable normal business users with artificial intelligence. New governance functionality works to continuously ...
The cyberwars are coming — here’s how to prepare (and make money)
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Yes, overall revenue is admittedly challenged as the company transitions away from old top-line drivers like enterprise mainframes into cloud-based services like artificial intelligence and security. But with a 4% dividend, a forward price-to-earnings ...
How enterprise organizations benefit from SOAPA
  –  October 12, 2017
In fact, 21 percent of enterprise organizations say they are very active ... Security analytics tools based upon artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning could mature a lot faster if all data from all tools were available to them in a common ...
BMC Unveils Multi-Cloud Management Strategy and New Solutions to Maximize the Benefits of the Cloud
  –  October 12, 2017
Preparing for the Next Innovation Wave – Artificial Intelligence As multi-cloud environments are ... digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. Our Digital Enterprise Management solutions are designed to make digital business fast ...
KPMG And Blue Prism Form Alliance To Transform Business Operations With Leading Digital Workforce
  –  October 12, 2017
NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- KPMG LLP and Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global leader in enterprise robotic process automation ... breed" Blue Prism's platform also provides cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies execution ...
A seemingly benign viral game about paperclips reveals why AI could be a huge danger to humanity
  –  October 12, 2017
YouTube/"Ex Machina" The movie "Ex Machina" explores the dangers of artificial intelligence. While the latter scenario ... So, while you're having fun improving your browser-based paperclip enterprise, remember that you're essentially simulating the ...
IBM Combines PowerAI, Data Science Experience in Enterprise AI Push
  –  October 12, 2017
IBM has spent the past several years putting a laser focus on what it calls cognitive computing, using its Watson platform as the foundation for its efforts in such emerging fields as artificial intelligence ... push AI into the enterprise.
The Cloud Was Just the Beginning – Did You Ever Consider the Impact of Artificial Intelligence?
  –  October 12, 2017
Kloeckner & Co implements artificial intelligence supporting its digital strategy. Tractica has identified around 200 more real-world enterprise AI use cases within 25 industry sectors. Unlike the cloud, artificial intelligence has a big impact on the ...
Detailed examination of the Global speech and voice recognition market forecasts 2017-2024
  –  October 12, 2017
Non-Artificial Intelligence Based), By Technology (Voice Recognition (Speaker Identification, Speaker Verification), Speech Recognition (Automatic Speech Recognition, Text to Speech)), By End-user (Automotive, Enterprise, Consumer, Banking, Financial ...
The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) Announces ?Top Technologies and Operational Practices for Securing the Cloud Panel Discussion in Boston
  –  October 12, 2017
one of the most exciting phases of enterprise transformation in more than a century, is upon us. The convergence of robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics are driving ...
Two takes on conversational computing and the limits of AI
  –  October 12, 2017
Visits to conversational computing vendors Tact and Apttus highlighted five lessons on the limits of AI and how to overcome them in B2B enterprise applications ... in the tech industry on the state of artificial intelligence (AI). One side is eloquently ...
Enterprise Search: Still Floundering after All These Years
  –  October 12, 2017
Enterprise search conferences once had pride of place. Enterprise search or “search” was the Big Data, artificial intelligence, and cyber intelligence solution from 1998 to 2007. But by 2007, the fanciful claims of enterprise search vendors were ...
MioTech gets $7M to build artificial intelligence based tools for wealth managers in Asia
  –  October 12, 2017
Financial services is seen as one of the main industries that will benefit from artificial intelligence tools and many of the ... bring true cutting-edge technology from research, consumer, enterprise software and many other industries, much of which ...
New iPhones Show Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Mobile Apps
  –  October 11, 2017
as well as every category of enterprise mobile apps. The firm says that most of the 200 largest companies in the world to have developed intelligent apps by 2018. Read more about why artificial intelligence will be the next big thing in mobile, why it will ...
Companies are investing millions in AI -- and facing big barriers
  –  October 11, 2017
Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest technologies today ... will need to appoint a CAIO to coordinate and mandate implementation throughout the enterprise. To maximize the returns on AI, companies will need to "re-imagine" how AI will ...
Box 'Skills' will use AI to turn your files into workflows and drive automation
  –  October 11, 2017
Skills takes advantage of the massive amount of work being done in artificial intelligence and machine learning by IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and puts their APIs to work on enterprise data. "What we've done is we've built this ...

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