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Thomas Morgan (born 14 August 1981 in Hayward, California) is an American jazz musician (upright bass, cello)[1] in contemporary jazz.



Little Flower
Little Flower is an album by Julian Erdem, released on June 16, 2017.
Books, Bottles & Bamboo
Books, Bottles & Bamboo is an album by Anna-Lena Schnabel Quartet, released on August 19, 2016.
The Constant
The Constant is an album by Jim Black Trio, released on August 15, 2016.
To Fly to Steal
To Fly to Steal is a studio album by American violinist Mark Feldman and pianist Sylvie Courvoisier together with drummer Gerry Hemingway and bassist Thomas Morgan.

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Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan: "Small Town"
  –  July 1, 2017
Small Town is co-credited to him and to double bassist Thomas Morgan, but Frisell gets top billing -- for him, it’s effectively a return to ECM. Frisell and Morgan begin by revisiting that album’s title track, by Motian. The music unfolds slowly ...
Thomas Morgan: In the Moment with Bill Frisell
  –  June 28, 2017
Frisell describes Morgan’s stellar bass accompaniment best: “Thomas has this way of time-traveling, as if he sees ahead of the music and sorts it all out before he plays a note. He never plays anything that isn’t a response to what I play ...
Jazz Fest 2017, Day 3: Ron reviews Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan, Jochen Rueckert, and Adam Kolker Trio
  –  June 26, 2017
When guitarist Bill Frisell and bassist Thomas Morgan picked up their instruments at Kilbourn Hall ... Turner, Moreno, and LeFleming seemed like hired guns, not fully involved in the music. And the music itself seemed lackluster. Call me old-fashioned ...
Jazzfest review: Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan carried on deep musical conversations
  –  June 24, 2017
referring the bassist Thomas Morgan, his musical collaborator for the evening. (For the record, Frisell’s follow-up sentence was the wry “I also like the guy over there.”) And with that, the talking was over and music heroism ensued. The 66-year-old ...
Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan: Small Town
  –  June 4, 2017
Recorded live at New York's Village Vanguard, Small Town features acclaimed guitarist Bill Frisell and bassist Thomas Morgan in duet fashion playing ... master musicians creating this lush, intriguing music together. Thankfully ECM Records has released ...
Thomas Morgan, among friends
  –  May 31, 2017
One of the gifts of Thomas Morgan ... After the Guidi gig, Morgan told me in his diffident way that he has been composing pieces with an album of his own music in mind. After so much distinguished work in collaboration with or support of others, that ...
Bill Frisell / Thomas Morgan - Small Town (ECM, 2017) ****
  –  May 29, 2017
It's nice to see Frisell on ECM again (after the late 80s, he's been on the periphery, appearing on many albums) and in a duo with the prolific bassist Thomas Morgan, who ... melodies and hints of American folk music, while sporting a hint of outside ...
Thomas Morgan
  –  May 7, 2017
Morgan, Thomas Oliver Age 88, passed away peacefully on May 3 ... Tom enjoyed his careers as a polymer-research chemist and a certified industrial hygienist. His passions were music (especially opera he loved his time as a volunteer in the Lyric Opera's ...


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