Weave Labs Named to 2020 WealthTech100 List of Innovative Companies Transforming Wealth and Asset Management

BELLEVUE, Washington—April 28, 2020 — Weave Labs, the leading provider of AI-powered research automation technology serving the financial and technology industries, is honored to have been included in the prestigious WealthTech100, the annual list of the world’s most innovative technology vendors serving the global asset management industry. Find the WealthTech100 at https://fintech.global/wealthtech100/.

Weave Labs was selected from a list of over 1,200 companies by an esteemed panel of analysts and industry experts overseen by FinTech Global, a leading research firm. The Weave Robo-Analyst automates the process of reading, digesting, and analyzing mountains of investment research reports, executive summaries, analyst notes, company statements, earnings calls, and SEC filings. In the process, it saves up to an hour a day of research time, freeing analysts and advisors to spend much more time with clients. The Weave Robo-Analyst reads content across a wide variety of channels, internal and external, and distills out only the most relevant facts, graphics, and trends to help analysts and advisors more rapidly build personalized, compelling investment recommendations for each client or prospect.

“Analysts and advisors read less than 1% of the tens of thousands of research reports received weekly by asset management firms,” said Nosa Omoigui, Founder and CEO of Weave Labs. “Analysts, advisors, and fund managers are overwhelmed with mountains of reports they can never have the time to read, and this ultimately starves them of critical insights they need to guide their clients’ investment decisions. Furthermore, in a post MiFID II world, buy-side firms must now account for the money they spend on research, most of which is never read. In addition to the waste of precious resources, this also adds regulatory compliance risk. Weave Robo-Analyst solves these problems by automating the most drudgery-filled parts of the investment research process.”

“Established investment firms, private banks, and advisors need to be aware of the latest innovations in order to remain competitive in the current market, which is heavily focused on digital distribution and transformation initiatives,” said Richard Sachar, director of FinTech Global. “The WealthTech100 list helps them do just that and identify new business models which will have lasting impact on the industry.”

About Weave Labs: 

Weave’s suite of products turbocharges the productivity of your advisors, enhances their reputations, and helps build customer trust. Weave’s products work in parallel with your team, so they still meet their regular record-keeping obligations. Weave transforms learning time from sense-making to knowledge engagement.  Investment professionals learn about securities, asset classes, markets, and industries without sifting through the filler. This allows them to more rapidly provide their clients with better, more fact-based, and more timely investment recommendations. Robo-Analyst helps investment analysts and advisors expand their existing relationships, compels prospects to convert to clients, and continuously improves advisor sales skills by better understanding the outcome of sales calls. Weave’s Robo-Analyst helps wealth and asset management become insights-driven by identifying developing demands, suggesting emergent needs, discovering new client problems, and offering other provocative investment insights.

Learn more at https://weave.me

About FinTech Global:

FinTech Global offers the most comprehensive data, the most valuable insights, and the most powerful analytical tools available for the global FinTech industry. We work with market leaders in the FinTech industry – investors, advisors, innovative companies, and financial institutions – and enable them to get the essential intelligence they need to make superior business decisions. We cover every industry development, every investment, every exit, and profile of every company in every FinTech sector around the world.

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