About Us
Weave is an exciting new tech startup, founded by ex-Amazon AI experts with deep expertise in machine learning and user personalization. Weave provides an automated, AI-based publishing and storytelling platform to help businesses deliver extremely rich, personalized and measurable content experiences to attract, engage, retain and understand customers. With the team’s deep knowledge of artificial intelligence technology and passion for applying artificial intelligence to create new forms of mass media, Weave’s vision is to change how consumers and knowledge workers around the world discover and engage with information. Weave’s ever-growing network of advisors includes startup veterans, serial entrepreneurs and business executives.
Weave employs natural-language-processing, machine learning, and AI-based content augmentation to automatically transform static enterprise documents to dynamic, interactive, mixed-media information hubs — in the process increasing user engagement by up to 55X.
By providing deep analytics on precisely what drives user engagement Weave helps businesses not only gain a deeper understanding of their customers but also helps improve content planning, micro-targeting, audience segmentation, lead generation, user personalization and demand alignment, thereby deepening customer relationships while also reducing content-related marketing costs.
Weave aligns the delivery of content with how today’s customers prefer to consume content, helping businesses provide a much more personalized and engaging customer experience.
Weave makes measuring unstructured, textual content possible