Lead Investor, Director
Investor, Advisor
Founder & CEO
Digital Content Curator & Researcher
Marketing & Customer Success
Sean Clemmons
Gary Rubens
Maryam Ghaffari
Entrepreneur and angel investor.
Sean has had two successful startup exits.
Kimberly Padley
Entrepreneur and angel investor.
Gary sold his e-commerce startup to Lowe’s for $1B.
Before Weave, Maryam worked in public relations, academia and media marketing. Maryam grew her skills and passion for media and information while working in marketing at both Belo and Gannett. Maryam has an MBA from Ohio University and a second graduate degree in international marketing and strategic management.
Kimberly graduated from the University of Miami, FL with a BA in Sociology and is continuing her education in UX design. She was formerly on the content team for the international company Zomato and has twice represented Weave in the finals at the HRO iTalent Competition.

Weave Board & Advisors
Nosa has a total of 22 granted patents (20 US patents and 2 foreign patents) and 49 officially pending patents – on various areas of technology – and also has published several research papers. Nosa has a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), where he was a General Instruments Fellow and a Herbert L. Toor scholar as the winner of the Best Thesis Award (and the second-ever solo winner in the history of the department).
Nosa Omoigui
Before founding Weave, Nosa was a Senior Manager of Machine Learning and Personalization at Amazon where he led the team responsible for applying machine learning to a variety of business problems at Amazon. And prior to that, Nosa founded Nervana, Inc., a semantic search and data management company focused on Pharmaceutical drug discovery and bioinformatics. Nosa also spent 6 years at Microsoft Research and Microsoft, where he was a Development Manager, Research Manager and designated Technology Strategist.

Weave Team
Weave is an exciting new tech startup, founded by ex-Amazon AI experts with deep expertise in machine learning and user personalization. With the team’s deep knowledge of artificial intelligence technology and passion for applying artificial intelligence to create new forms of mass media. Weave’s vision is to change how consumers and knowledge workers around the world discover and engage with information. Weave’s ever-growing network of advisors includes startup veterans, serial entrepreneurs and business executives.