Sales Productivity

What’s Wrong with Sales Productivity &
How Can Weave Robo-Analyst Help?

The Problem with Content

Salespeople need help discovering the value hidden in content.

Marketing content never used by sales teams.

B2B sellers don’t use marketing content because it is irrelevant, outdated or difficult to customize.

What Customers Expect

Well-informed Salespeople Acting as Trusted Advisors

Buyers say its critical that sales reps double as a trusted advisor.

Sales people classified by buyers as trusted advisors.

Buyers believe that the sales rep they meet with are adept at clearly articulating how their solution impacts the buyer’s business.

How Weave Robo-Analyst Helps

Organizations can't unleash a salesperson's inner trusted advisor if they spend all of their time looking for needles of wisdom in haystacks of content.


Weave crawls the Internet for relevant content based on domain profiles. We also ingest internal documents and reports as directed by customers.


The Weave Robo-Analyst proactively extracts actionable takeaways from the content, including key facts, intriguing visuals, and important points.


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All results delivered in an easily navigated visual interface.

How Robo-Analyst Enhances Sales

Give Customers What They Want

More Information

More information helps make better decisions.

Custom Insights

Buyers want sales representatives to integrate customized data and insights into their interactions.

First Step Toward Being a Trusted Advisor: Knowing More

Second Step Toward Being a Trusted Advisor: Finding the Time to Advise Your Customers

Give Sales Back Time To Create Better Stories With More Relevant Content

Time Spent


Time Spent Searching for Content


Time Spent Researching Prospects


Percentages reflect currently reported time spent by sales in each activity.

What Sales Wants and Needs

Sales people cited search and utilization as the top productivity improvement area.

Adoption of AI over next three years.

Weave Robo-Analyst: The Results

  • Enhanced sales readiness.
  • Accelerated time to first sale.
  • Increased wins.
  • Improved customer relationships.

Read Less. Know More.

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