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Abney Park is a steampunk band based in Seattle that mixes elements of industrial dance, world music, and steampunk-influenced lyrics in their work. Their name comes from Abney Park Cemetery in London (UK). Formerly a goth band, Abney Park has transformed their look and sound and has been called the "quintessential" spokespeople of steampunk culture.[1]



Retro-Future Vagabond
Retro-Future Vagabond is the second compilation album by steampunk band Abney Park, published exclusively on vinyl only by German vinyl label soundsUP records.
Æther Shanties
Æther Shanties is the 10th album by steampunk band Abney Park.
Lost Horizons
Lost Horizons is the 8th studio album by Abney Park, subtitled The Continuing Adventures of Abney Park.
From Dreams or Angels
From Dreams or Angels is an album by Abney Park.

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