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Alan Doyle



Alan Thomas Doyle CM (born May 17, 1969) is a Canadian musician and actor, best known as the lead singer of Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea.



A Week at the Warehouse
A Week at the Warehouse is the third solo album by Alan Doyle, released on October 13, 2017.
Come Out With Me
Come Out With Me is a song by musical artist Alan Doyle, released on October 6, 2017.
Fall is a song by musical artist Alan Doyle, released on September 15, 2017.
Bully Boys
Bully Boys is a song by musical artist Alan Doyle, released on August 18, 2017.

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Billy Talent, Big Wreck, Shawn Hook and Alan Doyle at this year's Iceberg Alley
  –  March 21, 2018
Canadian rock bands Billy Talent and Big Wreck, singer-songwriter Shawn Hook and Petty Harbour's favourite son Alan Doyle will all be headlining at the Iceberg Alley festival in St. John's in September. This will be the second year for the festival on ...
Alan Doyle Cast as Allan A’Dayle in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood
  –  March 8, 2018
Do you remember the musical rooster with a lute in the Disney Robin Hood toon? That was Alan-a-Dale, the narrator-sidekick and a character who has had a fairly minor role, if any role at all, in most versions of the legend. He’s going to turn up in the ...
Perpetually enthused: Alan Doyle to bring 'greatest kitchen party in the history of the world' to Calgary
  –  March 7, 2018
You might think Alan Doyle is not easily star struck. After all, he’s buddies with Russell Crowe and made his cinematic acting debut in a scene opposite Cate Blanchett for director Ridley Scott. (In 2010’s Robin Hood, and he was topless.) Of course, he ...
Alan Doyle
  –  February 27, 2018
Newfoundland's Alan Doyle, formerly of Great Big Sea, chalks up a lot of where is he right now with both his third solo album and his second book, released in October 2017, to luck. “I’m the luckiest guy I’ve ever even heard of,” he says.
Going out best bets, Feb. 22 to 28
  –  February 22, 2018
Alan Doyle, the irrepressible member of the now-dormant Newfoundland band, Great Big Sea, brings his new crew to the National Arts Centre’s Southam Hall on Sunday. You can expect the same level of musicality, showmanship and tunesmithery from the singer ...
DOUG GALLANT: Legendary producer Bob Rock helms Doyle’s A Week At The Warehouse
  –  January 20, 2018
Singer-songwriter Alan Doyle has just launched a North American tour in support of his new album, “A Week at The Warehouse”, and will be coming to Atlantic Canada in May. Touring with Doyle will be the same players who recorded the album with him in ...
Alan Doyle going strong post-Great Big Sea
  –  January 17, 2018
For longtime fans of Newfoundland combo Great Big Sea, frontman Alan Doyle has some good news and some bad news. On the upside, he has a rollicking new solo effort out, his third — the Bob Rock-produced “A Week at the Warehouse” — which captures ...

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