Animotion is an American synthpop band from Los Angeles, California, best known for the songs "Obsession", "Let Him Go", "I Engineer, and "Room to Move".[1]

Formed in 1983 from the remnants of a retro science-fiction band called Red Zone, they signed a record deal with Mercury Records in 1984 and made four albums.



"Obsession" is a 1983 song covered in 1984 by the group Animotion.
Strange Behavior
Strange Behavior is an album by Animotion released by Casablanca Records.
I Engineer
"I Engineer" is a 1986 song by American new wave band Animotion.In the song, the protagonist says to his enemy in the form of the lyrical ego, that he will win.After the release, the song was a commercial success in Europe, but was less of a hit in the United States.
Animotion is the self-titled debut album from Los Angeles synthpop sextet Animotion.

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