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Arve Henriksen (born 22 March 1968 in Stranda, Norway) is a Norwegian trumpet player, renowned for his distinctive, flute-like sound on the trumpet, inspired by the sound of the Japanese shakuhachi flute. He also sings; his unique wordless vocalising was central to Chiaroscuro, where he often sings in a soprano's range. The control over his head voice is such that in "Opening Image" he could quite easily be mistaken for a woman.[1]



Towards Language
Towards Language is an album by musical artist Arve Henriksen, released on May 5, 2017.
Places of Worship
Places Of Worship (released 1 October 2013 in Oslo, Norway) is an album by Arve Henriksen.
Chron is an album by Arve Henriksen.
Cartography is an album by Arve Henriksen.

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