Autechre (/ɔːˈtɛkər/) are an English electronic music duo consisting of Rob Brown and Sean Booth, both from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. Formed in 1987, they are one of the most popular acts signed to UK electronic label Warp Records, through which all of Autechre's albums have been released.

The music of Autechre has exhibited a gradual shift in aesthetic throughout their career, from their earlier work with clear roots in techno, electro, and hip hop to later albums that are often considered experimental in nature, featuring complex patterns of programmed drums paired with subdued melodies.[1] While heavily associated with the 1990s electronic genre later known as intelligent dance music (IDM), Booth and Brown are ambivalent about relating their sound to established genres.[2]

Autechre have also recorded under various pseudonyms. One of the duo's earliest recordings was a 12" single released under the alias Lego Feet in 1991 by Skam Records. The majority of releases by the umbrella project Gescom have been attributed to Booth and Brown, among other artists.



JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47
JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47 is an album by musical group Autechre, released on October 1, 2017.
JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47
JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47 is a song by musical group Autechre, released on October 1, 2017.
Oversteps is the tenth album by electronic music duo Autechre, released on Warp Records.
Incunabula (stylized as (Incunabula)) is the debut studio album by the British electronic music duo Autechre, released on 29 November 1993

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