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Barclay James Harvest are an English progressive rock band. They were founded in Oldham, in September 1966 by guitarist/vocalist John Lees (b. 1947), bassist/vocalist Les Holroyd (b. 1948), keyboardist/vocalist Stuart "Woolly" Wolstenholme (1947–2010), and drummer/percussionist Mel Pritchard (1948–2004).[1]



Barclay James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest is the first album released by Barclay James Harvest.
Face to Face
Face to Face is the fourteenth studio album by British rock band Barclay James Harvest, released in 1987.The working title for the album whilst recording was in progress was Elements, but there was a last-minute change to Face to Face.
Once Again
Once Again was the second album released by Barclay James Harvest, in early 1971.
Everyone Is Everybody Else
Everyone Is Everybody Else is a 1974 album by British Rock Band Barclay James Harvest.It was released in the UK on 14 June 1974 and was their first album for the Polydor label after they had parted company with EMI.The album was produced by Rodger Bain, who had previously worked with Black Sabbath in producing their first three albums.

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