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Big Wreck is a Canadian-American rock band formed by Ian Thornley in Boston, Massachusetts in 1994. They disbanded in 2002 and Ian Thornley went on to a solo career with his own band Thornley. In 2010, Ian Thornley and Brian Doherty reunited for a cross-Canada tour, playing both Big Wreck and Thornley songs.[1] In 2012, under the name Big Wreck, the band released their third studio album, Albatross. The band's latest album Grace Street was released on February 3, 2017.



In Loving Memory Of - 20th Anniversary Special Edition
In Loving Memory Of - 20th Anniversary Special Edition is an album by musical group Big Wreck, released on January 19, 2018.
Albatross is the third studio album by Canadian rock band Big Wreck.
In Loving Memory Of...
In Loving Memory Of...
The Pleasure and the Greed
The Pleasure and the Greed is the second studio album by Canadian-American rock band Big Wreck and the last released before their break-up.

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Big Wreck celebrates 20 years with North American tour
  –  February 26, 2018
Big Wreck will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its ground-breaking ... bassist Dave Henning and drummer Forrest Williams while they were students at prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. In Loving Memory Of produced their first Top ...
Big Wreck bringing mix of old and new to Edmonton concerts
  –  February 26, 2018
Originally a Canadian-American project involving Berklee College of Music students, Big Wreck is now a bit of a stitched-together affair, although the latest iteration have all been playing together since 2012. “We never had to work under the shadow of a ...
Big Wreck crashing Vanier Hall
  –  February 23, 2018
It will sound like Big Wreck if it's us playing it." For Thornley, his belief is audiences will follow where a musician leads if the music is accessible but authentic. The musician has to believe in the goodness of both people and the composition.
Ian Thornley on touring 20 years after Big Wreck’s Debut
  –  February 23, 2018
Despite Big Wreck disbanding in 2002, Thornley and fellow co-founder ... However, Cornell’s death impacted music and reignited the conversation surrounding mental health. “If the stigma of mental health has not been completely lifted already by ...
Big Wreck is finding big love in throwback tour
  –  February 15, 2018
Big Wreck, the Canadian/American rock band that dominated Canadian ... bassist Dave Henning and drummer Forrest Williams were students at Berkley College of Music in Boston. Although Henning and Williams are long gone, Thornley and Doherty, after years ...
Big Wreck in Halifax to Celebrate debut album
  –  January 24, 2018
That Big Wreck sound is what we prefer,” he said. “I love a lot of great pop music, and I love the ‘don’t bore us, get to the chorus’ kind of mantra. But left to our own devices, I love contrasts. I love beautiful things and I love heavy things ...

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