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Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, RDI (/ˈn/; born 15 May 1948 and originally christened Brian Peter George Eno) is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, writer, and visual artist. He is best known for his pioneering work in rock, ambient, pop, and electronic music. A self-described "non-musician", Eno has helped to introduce a variety of unique conceptual approaches and recording techniques into contemporary music, advocating a methodology of "theory over practice" throughout his career.[1][2] He has been described as one of popular music's most influential and innovative figures.[1][3][4]

Born in Suffolk, Eno studied painting and experimental music at art school in the late 1960s before joining glam rock group Roxy Music as synthesizer player in 1971. After recording two albums with the band, he departed in 1973 to record a number of solo albums, contributing to and ultimately coining the concept of ambient music with works such as Another Green World (1975), Discreet Music (1975), and Music for Airports (1978). He took part in frequent collaborations with artists such as Robert Fripp, Harold Budd, Cluster, David Bowie on his "Berlin Trilogy", and David Byrne on 1981's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. During the 1970s, Eno would also begin a parallel career as a producer, which included work on albums by Talking Heads and Devo, the no wave compilation No New York (1978), and recordings by avant-garde artists such as John Cale, Jon Hassell, Laraaji, and Harold Budd, among others.

In subsequent decades, Eno continued to record solo albums, collaborate, and produce for other artists, including U2, Coldplay, Laurie Anderson, James, Grace Jones, and Slowdive. Dating back to his time as a student, he has also pursued a variety of multimedia projects in parallel with his music career, including sound installations and his mid-70s co-development of Oblique Strategies, a deck of cards featuring cryptic aphorisms intended to spur creative thinking. He continues to release music, produce, and write, and maintains a regular column in Prospect Magazine.



Before and After Science
Before and After Science is the fifth studio album by British musician Brian Eno.
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts is the first collaborative album by Brian Eno and David Byrne, released in February 1981.
Here Come the Warm Jets
Here Come the Warm Jets is the debut solo album by Brian Eno, credited only as "Eno".
Another Green World
Another Green World is the third studio album by English musician Brian Eno, released by Island Records in September 1975.

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Brian Eno: His best albums revisited
  –  November 26, 2017
With four of Brian Eno’s seminal 1970s solo albums reissued on vinyl earlier ... and coining the name ‘ambient’, as well as producing the cornerstone works of this whole new genre of music. Witty and charismatic, he was irresistible to the music ...
Brian Eno and Roger Waters scorn Nick Cave's 'principled stand' to play in Israel
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Nick, with all due respect, your music is irrelevant to this issue, so is mine, so is Brian Eno’s, so is Beethoven’s In response, supporters of the BDS movement have released individual statements as a public letter, calling Cave’s response “naive ...
Roger Waters, Brian Eno Criticize Nick Cave for Israel Concerts
  –  November 21, 2017
What?" Waters wrote. "Nick, with all due respect, your music is irrelevant to this issue. So is mine, so is Brian Eno's, so is Beethoven's. This isn't about music – it's about human rights." He added, "We hurl our glasses into the fire of your arrogant ...
Brian Eno & Roger Waters Respond To Nick Cave’s Press Conference About BDS Movement
  –  November 21, 2017
What? Nick, with all due respect, your music is irrelevant to this issue, so is mine, so is Brian Eno’s so is Beethoven’s, this isn’t about music, it’s about human rights. We, hundreds of thousands of us, supporters of BDS and human rights ...
Inside Brian Eno’s reissue series
  –  November 21, 2017
Fathoming the reissue history of Brian Eno‘s catalogue has proved frustratingly elusive ... this involves a lathe – but also celebrate the remarkable music Eno made between 1974 and 1977. Incidentally, you can read my review of the Eno reissues ...
Brian Eno And Roger Waters Respond To Nick Cave's Israel Press Conference
  –  November 20, 2017
Nick thinks this is about censorship of his music? What? Nick, with all due respect, your music is irrelevant to this issue, so is mine, so is Brian Eno's so is Beethoven's, this isn't about music, it's about human rights. Next: Rage. This is about ...
Roger Waters & Brian Eno respond to Nick Cave’s Israel show press conference
  –  November 20, 2017
Today Roger Waters has responded with a press release that also includes statements from Brian Eno, filmmakers Ken Loach and Aki Kaurismàki, and writer A.L. Kennedy. Here is part of Waters’ statement: Nick thinks this is about censorship of his music?


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