Cardiacs are an English rock band formed in 1977, originally as Cardiac Arrest, led by Tim Smith. Noted for their complex, varied and intense compositional style[3][4][5] and for their eccentric, theatrical stage shows,[6][7][8] they have been hailed as an influence by bands as diverse as Blur, Faith No More and Radiohead.[9]

Cardiacs have released eight studio albums plus a number of live albums, compilation albums and singles between 1980 and 2007, and are best known for the 1988 minor hit single "Is This the Life?" They are also noted for attracting strongly diverse responses: they have remained one of Britain's leading cult rock bands during their four-decade-spanning career, but have also attracted virulent critical attack (including a lengthy editorial ban from the British music magazine New Musical Express).[10]

The band has been on indefinite (and possibly permanent) hiatus following the 2008 hospitalisation of Tim Smith after a heart attack and series of strokes.[11]



Eraserhead is a 1977 American surrealist body horror film written and directed by filmmaker David Lynch.
The Night of the Hunter
The Night of the Hunter is a 1955 American film noir directed by Charles Laughton and starring Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lillian Gish.
Scarlet Starlet
Scarlet Starlet is an album by The Alphabet, released on June 15, 2009.
A Vowel
A Vowel is an album by Erika Werry, released on July 17, 2016.

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