Celestiial is a funeral doom metal band from Minnesota. Initially consisting only of Tanner R. Anderson (vocals, harp, guitars), the band was later joined by Jason William Walton (bass) and Timothy Glenn (percussion). Celestiial is known for using numerous instruments in its music, combining traditional folk instruments with those more typically used in metal music, as well as sampling the sounds of the natural world. Celestiial's music is intended to evoke images of the natural world.

After producing a demo, Ashen (2004), Celestiial was signed to Bindrune Recordings. Through Bindrune, Celestiial released Desolate North (2006, rereleased by Handmade Birds in 2011) and Where Life Springs Eternal (2010), as well as a split album, Celestiial / Blood of the Black Owl (2008).



Desolate North
Desolate North is the debut studio album by the funeral doom metal band Celestiial, first released by Bindrune Recordings on June 6, 2006.
Celestiial / Blood of the Black Owl
Celestiial / Blood of the Black Owl Split is a split album released by Bindrune Recordings featuring one song each from funeral doom metal bands Celestiial and Blood of the Black Owl.

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