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Cibo Matto (pronounced [ˈtʃiːbo ˈmatto], Italian for "crazy food") is a New York City-based band formed by two Japanese women, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, in 1994.[5] Initially, the lyrics in their songs were primarily concerned with food,[1] before expanding into broader subject matter following the addition of Sean Lennon, Timo Ellis, and Duma Love to the band, showcased on their second studio album.[6]

While the two founding members of the group are Japanese expatriates,[5] the group initially did not gain nearly as large a following in Japan as it did in the United States. However, according to Billboard, their first album Viva! La Woman sold 20,000 copies in Japan despite the fact that the group sang in English. Success in the U.S. was notably larger with over 74,000 copies sold.[7] Over time, the group's following in Japan grew, which resulted in their signing to Japanese record label Commmons in 2014.[8]

After close to 10 years spent pursuing other work, Honda and Hatori reunited as Cibo Matto in 2011, playing a series of concerts and recording new material, which culminated in the release of their third studio album Hotel Valentine on February 14, 2014.[9]Hotel Valentine peaked at number 168 on the Billboard 200.[10]



Hotel Valentine
Hotel Valentine is the third album by New York City-based band Cibo Matto.
Viva! La Woman
Viva! La Woman is the first LP album by Cibo Matto released in 1996 by Warner Bros. Records.
Stereo * Type A
Stereo ★ Type A is the second studio album by Cibo Matto released in 1999.
Super Relax
Super Relax is an EP by Cibo Matto released in 1997.

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