Covenant is an electronic band formed in 1986 in Helsingborg, Sweden. The band is currently composed of Eskil Simonsson and Joakim Montelius (born 22 August 1969)[1] alongside touring members Andreas Catjar and Daniel Jonasson from Dupont.

Their music comprises a mixture of synthpop and electronic body music. They have been releasing music since the early 1990s.



United States of Mind
United States of Mind is Covenant's fourth full-length album, released in March 2000.
Skyshaper is Covenant's sixth studio album.
Modern Ruin
Modern Ruin is Covenant's seventh studio album.
Northern Light
Northern Light is Covenant's fifth full-length album, released by Sony KA2 (Europe) and Metropolis Records (US) in October, 2002.

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