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Curved Air are a pioneering English progressive rock group formed in 1970[1] by musicians from mixed artistic backgrounds, including classical, folk, and electronic sound. The resulting sound of the band was a mixture of progressive rock, folk rock, and fusion with classical elements. Along with High Tide and East of Eden, Curved Air were one of the first rock bands after It's a Beautiful Day and the United States of America to feature a violin.[2] Curved Air released eight studio albums, the first three of which broke the UK Top 20, and had a hit single with "Back Street Luv" (1971) which reached number 4 in the UK Singles Chart.[3]



Second Album
Second Album was the second album released by British rock group Curved Air.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning is the first studio album by British progressive rock band Curved Air.
Back Street Luv
"Back Street Luv" is a song by British rock band Curved Air, written by band members Ian Eyre, Sonja Kristina and Darryl Way.
Phantasmagoria is a 1972 album by Curved Air.

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