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Dilated Peoples is an American hip hop group from Los Angeles, California. They achieved notability in the underground hip hop community,[citation needed] although they have had little mainstream success in the US, with the exception of the song "This Way", a 2004 collaboration with Kanye West, Xzibit, and John Legend appearing in the music video. They reached the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart with two tracks, "This Way" and "Worst Comes to Worst."[1] Their members include DJ Babu (producer/DJ), Evidence (MC/producer) and Rakaa (MC).[2] The group also received a publicity spike after their songs were featured in the 2003 video games Need for Speed: Underground and NBA Street Vol. 2.



Directors of Photography
Directors of Photography is the fifth studio album by American hip hop group Dilated Peoples.
Expansion Team
Expansion Team is the second album from West Coast hip hop group Dilated Peoples.
The Platform
The Platform is the debut album of the West Coast hip hop group Dilated Peoples.
Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is the third album from West Coast hip hop group Dilated Peoples and was released in 2004.

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