Eluvium is the moniker of the American ambient recording artist Matthew Cooper, who currently resides in Portland, Oregon.[1] Cooper, who was born in Tennessee and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, before relocating to the Northwest,[2] is known for blending various genres of experimental music including electronic, minimalism and piano. His albums often feature artwork and photographs by Jeannie Paske.[3]

Eluvium is currently signed to the record label Temporary Residence Limited.



Shuffle Drones
Shuffle Drones is an album by musical artist Eluvium, released on November 10, 2017.
Nightmare Ending
Nightmare Ending is the seventh studio album from Portland, Oregon ambient musician Matthew Robert Cooper, under the name Eluvium.
Static Nocturne
Static Nocturne is a limited edition mini-album from Portland, OR ambient musician Matthew Cooper, under the name Eluvium, following the release of his EP Leaves Eclipse the Light.
When I Live by the Garden and the Sea
When I Live by the Garden and the Sea is an EP from the Portland, Oregon based, ambient musician Matthew Cooper, under the name Eluvium.

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