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Farrah Lynn Abraham (born May 31, 1991) is an American reality television personality. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa, she received public attention after being cast in the reality television series 16 and Pregnant in 2009, which documented the pregnancies and first months of motherhood for several young women. Later that year she was cast in the spin-off series Teen Mom, and appeared in each of its four seasons until its conclusion in 2012. That August she released her debut studio album and first memoir, both of which were titled My Teenage Dream Ended. The book made it onto The New York Times Best Seller list.[1]


My Teenage Dream Ended
My Teenage Dream Ended is the debut book and album by Farrah Abraham.
Blowin is a song by musical artist Farrah Abraham, released on March 16, 2014.

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Amber Portwood Says She's ''Ready'' to Rekindle a Friendship With Farrah Abraham
  –  August 31, 2017
When asked about putting their differences aside once and for all, the MTV personality responded, "I know that for me, I'm ready to let everything go. With her, it's on her terms. I'm not really putting any effort into it or thinking about it." In June ...
Farrah Abraham Is Homeschooling Sophia -- Wait Until You Hear Why
  –  August 30, 2017
Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has gone to incredible lengths to ensure her daughter becomes a star, but this might be her most extreme yet. Farrah admitted Sophia is homeschooled so she can go to more press events. Yeah, let that one sink in. According ...
Farrah Abraham: Sophia is Being Homeschooled So She Can Go to More Events!
  –  August 30, 2017
When it comes to Farrah Abraham, this may not even rank as the most shocking thing she's revealed this week, which says a lot, but ... Farrah told the media at last weekend's MTV Video Music Awards that she's homeschooling her daughter for a rather ...
Farrah Abraham Reunites With Her Mom Debra Danielsen Ahead of Her Upcoming Wedding (EXCLUSIVE)
  –  August 30, 2017
It looks like there might be hope for this mommy-daughter duo after all! Farrah Abraham and her mother Debra Danielsen have had a rocky relationship over the years and fans have gotten a front row seat to some of their most heated arguments on previous ...
Why Amber Portwood & Farrah Abraham Clash
  –  August 30, 2017
The "Teen Mom" star explains why she butt heads with her MTV costar. Plus, is Portwood invited to Abraham's mom's wedding? Watch "Daily Pop" weekdays at 12|11c on E!
‘OMG TMI!’ Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham SHOCKS fans as she shares designer vagina treatment on Instagram
  –  August 30, 2017
As a professional reality star, Farrah Abraham is known for sharing pretty much every aspect of her life with her fans. But we think the former CBB housemate might have taken things a little bit too far after she posted pictures of herself getting a ...
Farrah Abraham Reveals Daughter Sophia Is Homeschooled For This Absurd Reason
  –  August 30, 2017
Farrah Abraham’s daughter may be the busiest 8-year-old out there! Sophia Abraham has literally been on camera since the day she was born, but the little Teen Mom OG star is looking to take her career to new heights. In fact, she’s given up on regular ...
Farrah Abraham overshares on social media
  –  August 30, 2017
"Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham rarely holds back. The reality star took to Instagram on Saturday to reveal she had a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. She posted a snapshot from the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. The caption read, "Loving my lady parts!
Farrah Abraham gets a designer vagina - and shares the results with her 974k Instagram followers
  –  August 30, 2017
She's not one to hold back, and so it's no surprise Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham couldn't wait to share the results of her designer VAGINA. The Celebrity Big Brother star had vaginal rejuvenation procedure to give her the "lady parts" of a teenager again.
Did Jenelle Evans & Farrah Abraham Really End Nasty Feud At VMAs?
  –  August 30, 2017
If you’re anything like us, then you jumped for joy upon seeing Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham pose for a photo together at the VMAs on Aug. 27. But not everything’s as good as it seems. Isn’t this so devastating? We were hoping Jenelle and Farrah ...
What IS vaginal rejuvenation? We explain the on-trend operation as Farrah Abraham reveals getting surgery 'down there'
  –  August 29, 2017
Farrah Abraham sparked a flurry of excitement on Saturday as she admitted getting surgery on her vagina. The 26-year-old mother-of-one, best known for appearing in Teen Mom, posted an image of herself posing at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center with her ...
Farrah Abraham Reveals She’s Now Home-Schooling Her Daughter Sophia So She Can Attend More Events
  –  August 29, 2017
While many eight-year-olds were in bed on Sunday night, Farrah Abraham‘s daughter, Sophia, was busy walking the red carpet of the MTV VMAs with her mom. When a reporter from In Touch Weekly asked Farrah how Sophia was able to attend the event, being ...
Reality star Farrah Abraham shares photo of her private part’s rejuvenation procedure
  –  August 29, 2017
“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham had a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. She took to her Instagram page on Saturday to share photos from the procedure which was done at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and fans are calling her out for sharing too much.
Farrah Abraham Gets Extremely Up Close And Personal With Her Latest Cosmetic Procedure
  –  August 29, 2017
This Teen Mom star certainly isn’t shy! Read on to find out more about Farrah Abraham’s latest cosmetic procedure. When it comes to keeping some parts of her life private, Farrah Abraham doesn’t seem interested in doing so whatsoever. The 26-year-old ...
"Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham detailed her vaginal rejuvenation on Instagram
  –  August 29, 2017
Farrah Abraham recently met with a Beverly Hills rejuvenation specialist, where she underwent a non-invasive procedure to refresh her "lady parts". She captioned it, "Loving my lady parts!" with the hashtag #vaginalrejuvenation. "What this does is ...
Farrah Abraham defends daughter’s eyebrow tweak
  –  August 29, 2017
Reality TV star Farrah Abraham has defended her decision to pluck and wax her eight-year-old daughter’s eyebrows, insisting mums should do what’s best for their babies. The Teen Mom and Celebrity Big Brother star was slammed by mums and parent groups ...
Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham Shares Photos of Her Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure: ‘Loving My Lady Parts’
  –  August 28, 2017
Hmmmk. Farrah Abraham took to Instagram to reveal that she had a procedure done that would make most women cringe. One photo showed the reality star standing alongside a doctor in front of a lobby desk, wearing a pretty lace top with a black skirt.
Farrah Abraham Makes Her Vaginal Rejuvenation A Public Affair By Sharing The Procedure Online With Her Followers!
  –  August 28, 2017
And while this procedure would make most women cringe, the Teen Mom OG star seemed more than ready to rejuvenate her lady bits. The MTV celeb posted: Loving my lady parts! #vaginalrejuvenation 💕 @bhrclasvegas @beverlyhillsrejuvenationcenter @la_laser ...
'Teen Mom OG' Star Farrah Abraham Slammed After Sharing Vaginal Rejuvenation Photos
  –  August 28, 2017
Farrah Abraham is very proud of her vaginal rejuvenation procedure, but her followers do not feel the same. On Saturday, Abraham documented her vaginal rejuvenation at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Los Angeles on social media. The "Teen Mom OG ...
Farrah Abraham Documents Her Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure, Shares the Pics
  –  August 28, 2017
'Loving my lady parts!' the 'Teen Mom' star writes along with photos of her alongside a nurse at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Los Angeles. Farrah Abraham is bragging about her newly-rejuvenated lady parts. The 26-year-old reality TV star took ...
Farrah Abraham brings daughter Sophia to 2017 MTV VMAs
  –  August 28, 2017
Aug. 28 (UPI) --Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia walked the red carpet at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The 26-year-old Teen Mom OG star and 7-year-old Sophia were all smiles in coordinating white and silver ensembles and matching makeup at the awards ...
‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham Documents Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure
  –  August 27, 2017
Reality star Farrah Abraham is swearing by the power of “vaginal rejuvenation”. The “Teen Mom OG” star documented her experience with the procedure at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Los Angeles. “Loving my lady parts,” she captioned ...
Farrah Abraham and Daughter Are Bold Barbarellas at 2017 MTV VMAs: Photos
  –  August 27, 2017
Teen Mom starlet Farrah Abraham stepped out in a fiery white V-cut top, curvy white bottoms and gold glossy go go boots on the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet tonight (Sunday, August 27). Abraham, who posed alongside her adorable daughter, Sophia ...
PHOTOS Farrah Abraham and Sophia at the VMAs
  –  August 27, 2017
Farrah Abraham has been teasing all week that she was bringing a mystery date to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards — and it turns out the mystery date was her eight-year-old daughter Sophia! Farrah is still rocking her new red hair, which she debuted in ...


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