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Flying Saucer Attack is an English experimental space rock band that formed in Bristol, England in 1992. David Pearce was the core member of the group, and Rachel Brook (of Movietone, another Bristol band) was a member for most of the band's lifetime.[1]

The band were marked by quiet vocals and sheets of feedback with similarities to contemporary shoegazing bands,[2] or The Jesus and Mary Chain. FSA were able to create a small but enthusiastic fanbase as one of the more remarkable experimental bands of the day. The band were notable for recording most of their output at home into a normal home stereo system, avoiding recording studios as much as they could.[3] This gave their music a DIY feel and gave them the freedom to experiment as much as they wanted.

Other allied bands, often sharing musicians, were Crescent, The Third Eye Foundation, Light and Amp. Pearce attended Farnham Art College in the late 1980s. Pearce collaborated in a variety of bands with Matt Elliott (the Third Eye Foundation), Richard Walker (Amp) and Rachel Brook and Kate Wright (future partners in Movietone), before forming FSA with Brook (his girlfriend at the time) in 1992. Brook continued to play with Movietone throughout the history of Flying Saucer Attack, and is still a member of that group.



Further is the second studio album by the English band Flying Saucer Attack.
Flying Saucer Attack
Flying Saucer Attack is the debut album by English band Flying Saucer Attack.
Chorus is the second compilation album by the experimental music band Flying Saucer Attack.
Instrumentals 2015
Instrumentals 2015 is an album by musical group Flying Saucer Attack, released on July 17, 2015.

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