Gas (stylized as GAS or G A S) is a music project of Wolfgang Voigt (born 1961), a German electronic musician. Voigt cites his youthful LSD experiences in the Königsforst, a German forest situated near his hometown of Cologne, as the inspiration behind his work under the name Gas.[1] He has claimed that the intention of the project is to "bring the forest to the disco, or vice-versa".[2][3]



Narkopop is the fifth studio album by Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project, the first album under the moniker in 17 years and his first on Kompakt.
Nah und Fern
Nah und Fern is a boxed set collecting the four albums released by Wolfgang Voigt under the Gas alias between 1996 and 2000, released on 10 June 2008.
Oktember is the second EP by Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project.
Pop is the fourth album by Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project, released on 28 March 2000 on Mille Plateaux.

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