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Gavin Bryars



Richard Gavin Bryars (/ˈɡævɪn braɪərz/; born 16 January 1943)[1] is an English composer and double bassist. He has been active in, or has produced works in, a variety of styles of music, including jazz, free improvisation, minimalism, historicism, experimental music, avant-garde and neoclassicism.



Doctor Ox's Experiment
Doctor Ox's Experiment is an opera in two acts by Gavin Bryars.
The Sinking of the Titanic
The Sinking of the Titanic is a work by British minimalist composer Gavin Bryars.
Necropolis is a 1970 Italian-British horror-fantasy film directed by Franco Brocani.
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet is a 1971 arrangement by Gavin Bryars of a composition by an unknown composer.

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