Hadouken! are a British band that were formed in London in 2006 by singer, writer and producer James Smith, alongside his girlfriend,[1] synth player Alice Spooner, with guitarist Daniel "Pilau" Rice, bassist Christopher Purcell and drummer Nick Rice. The band name is taken from the name of the special attack of the same name from the Street Fighter video game series. It was in Leeds that Hadouken! began their own record label, Surface Noise Records.[2]



Not Here to Please You
Not Here to Please You is an EP by British band Hadouken!
Every Weekend
Every Weekend is the third studio album by British electronic band Hadouken!.
For the Masses
For the Masses is the second studio album by British grindie band Hadouken!.
Liquid Lives
"Liquid Lives" is the second single by British band Hadouken!.

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