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Henry Threadgill (born February 15, 1944) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer, saxophonist, and flautist,[1] who came to prominence in the 1970s leading jazz ensembles with unusual instrumentation and often incorporating genres other than jazz. He has performed and recorded with several ensembles: Air, Aggregation Orb, Make a Move, the seven-piece Henry Threadgill Sextett, the twenty-piece Society Situation Dance Band, Very Very Circus, X-75, and Zooid.

He was awarded the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Music for his album In for a Penny, In for a Pound,[2] which premiered at Roulette Intermedium on December 4, 2014 [3]



Old Locks and Irregular Verbs
Old Locks and Irregular Verbs is an album by American jazz saxophonist Henry Threadgill, which was recorded in 2015 and released on Pi Recordings.
Song Out of My Trees
Song Out of My Trees is an album by Henry Threadgill released on the Black Saint label in 1994.
Easily Slip Into Another World
Easily Slip Into Another World is an album by saxophonist/composer Henry Threadgill released on the RCA Novus label in 1987.
This Brings Us to Volume 1
This Brings Us to Volume 1 is an album by Henry Threadgill featuring six of Threadgill's compositions performed by Threadgill's Zooid.

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LIVE: Jazz Pianist Marilyn Crispell, Solo Performance at Newport Jazz Fest
  –  August 3, 2017
Henry Threadgill has been celebrated as one of the most forward-thinking composers and multi-instrumentalists in American music. 2016 was a banner year for Threadgill: his work “In for a Penny, In for a Pound” was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for ...
Jazz master Henry Threadgill is ready for anything at Newport
  –  August 3, 2017
New York — Henry Threadgill returns to the Newport Jazz Festival Saturday for the first time since winning the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in music for his six-part composition “In for a Penny, In for a Pound.” With him will be Zooid, the ensemble with whom ...
Christian McBride says audiences will be wowed by 2017 Newport Jazz Festival
  –  July 28, 2017
I mean, we have everyone from Benny Golson and Branford Marsalis, who obviously have been at the festival many, many times, Vijay Iyer and Henry Threadgill of a more progressive nature, they've been at the festival before. A couple of newcomers like Leslie ...
Ugly Beauty: The Month In Jazz – July 2017
  –  July 24, 2017
Henry Threadgill, Marion Brown, and others. Their goal, obviously, is to draw a line between the deep Delta blues and free jazz. Others, notably Hemphill, David Murray, and Archie Shepp, have explored this territory before, but these guys have a unique ...
The Keys And Strings Hour Featuring Gary Peacock + New Music
  –  July 23, 2017
the metal-jazz group Burning Ghosts and the Henry Threadgill Ensemble Double Up. The Slide Shows contains my photographs of some of the musicians heard on this show. This is a video of a 2011 webcast of Marilyn Crispell directed by Burrill Crohn.
Pulitzer Prize Winning Composer Henry Threadgill to Play Concert
  –  July 2, 2017
Epistrophy Arts and Liminal Sound Series present Pulitzer Prize Winning composer Henry Threadgill in Concert with Zooid at Austin's Scottish Rite Theater. FRIDAY AUGUST 11th MASTER CLASS with Henry Threadgill University of Texas- Butler School of Music ...
Why is contemporary art beating out the old classics?
  –  July 1, 2017
This is, as one art dealer remarked to me, like losing Mozart. Or would be, if Mozart were being shunted aside by, say, Du Yun or Henry Threadgill, the two most recent winners of the Pulitzer Prize in music. But he isn't. At the opera, Mozart, Verdi ...

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