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Jaimie Breezy Branch (born 17 June 1983)[1][2][3] is an American trumpeter playing jazz and improvisational music.


Fly or Die
Fly or Die is an album by musical artist Jaimie Branch, released on May 5, 2017.
Theme 002
Theme 002 is a song by musical artist Jaimie Branch, released on April 14, 2017.
The Art of Dying
The Art of Dying is an album by Jason Ajemían, released on May 29, 2008.

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Ugly Beauty: The Month In Jazz – January 2018
  –  January 25, 2018
It’s impossible to see everything, because of the overlap between events — for example, two bands I love, Jaimie Branch’s Fly Or Die quartet and Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity trio, were both playing at 8 PM on Friday night — and because Winter ...
The last time Neko Case was here, The Dame was still on the CentrePointe block
  –  January 25, 2018
The New York duo Anteloper unites percussionist Jason Nazary (who has performed several Outside the Spotlight shows in past years as a member of Jason Ajemian’s HighLife) and trumpeter Jaimie Branch (who, outside of her acclaimed 2017 album “Fly or Die ...
2017: The Year in Jazz
  –  January 24, 2018
He plays, he said in a recent tweet, MUSIC (the caps his). As Miles might also say, “Call it anything.” 14. Jaimie Branch: Fly or Die (International Anthem) This debut by the 33-year-old Chicagoan now living in Brooklyn mixes live recordings and studio ...
Feast In The East 6 Year Anniversary!
  –  January 18, 2018
JAIMIE BRANCH QUARTET https://jaimiebranch.wordpress.com Chicago/NYC trumpeter Jaimie Branch arrives in Toronto hot off the heals of her new record "Fly or Die" with a quartet featuring percussionist Chad Taylor Chicago Underground Duo, bassist Jason ...
Ken Mauiri’s Tuned In
  –  January 18, 2018
The Jaimie Branch Quartet — trumpeter Branch, cellist Tomeka Reid, bassist Jason Ajemian and drummer Chad Taylor — are the featured musicians at the latest Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares concert at the 121 Club at Eastworks in Easthampton on Saturday at 7 ...
The Music Club, 2017
  –  December 29, 2017
It’s one reason I so often feel renewed when I take the time to catch up with new jazz, such as the Chicago-born trumpeter Jaimie Branch’s extraordinary debut album as a leader, Fly or Die: In that world, the vibration-level mystery of what players cal ...
A recap of the best jazz albums of 2017
  –  December 26, 2017
Jaimie Branch, “Fly Or Die” (International Anthem) With a tone that ranges from a haunted growl to bright, fluttering arcs of far-reaching melody, the Chicago trumpeter teams with a band that includes cellist Tomeka Reid and drummer Chad Taylor for a ...
Best of 2017 | Jazz: Vijay Iyer, Ron Miles and Nicole Mitchell look ahead
  –  December 15, 2017
Young testifies in one interlude. The rest of the album functions as an evocative question why. Jaimie Branch, “Fly Or Die” (International Anthem) With a tone that ranges from a haunted growl to bright, fluttering arcs of far-reaching melody ...
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