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La Roux (/lɑːˈr/ lah-ROO) is an English synth-pop act formed in 2006 by singer Eleanor "Elly" Jackson and record producer Ben Langmaid. Their debut album La Roux (2009) was a critical and commercial success, winning a Grammy Award and producing hit singles such as "In for the Kill" and "Bulletproof". Recording of a follow-up album was marred by unsuccessful collaborations, the cancellation of two planned release dates, and reported conflict between the duo.[1] Langmaid ultimately left the group, and Jackson released a second album, Trouble in Paradise, in 2014, maintaining the former duo's name.



Trouble in Paradise
Trouble in Paradise is the second studio album by English singer Elly Jackson, known professionally as La Roux.
La Roux
La Roux is the debut studio album by English synth-pop duo La Roux.
In for the Kill
"In for the Kill" is a song by English synthpop duo La Roux from their eponymous debut album (2009).
"Bulletproof" is a song by English synthpop duo La Roux from their eponymous debut album, La Roux (2009).

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