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Lasse Stefanz, earlier Lasse Stefans, is a country music-inspired dansband, formed in 1967 in Kristianstad, Sweden.[1] The band was popular during the 1980s. The band was formed by Hans Sigfridsson, Lars Sigfridsson and Olle Jönsson. Later members are Christer Ericsson, Anders Pettersson and Gunnar Nilsson. Olle Jönsson is the singer, as well as the ex-drummer. Lasse Stefanz had hits with songs as "Oh, Julie" (1982) and released albums as Peppelinos Bar (1988). 1989-1990, Lasse Stefanz and Christina Lindberg had a Svensktoppen hit with the song De sista ljuva åren. In 1989, Lasse Stefanz was awarded a Grammis for "Dansband of the year".

The band participated in Melodifestivalen 2011 with the song "En blick och något händer."[2]


Vid en liten fiskehamn
"Vid en liten fiskehamn" is a song written by Jan Christer Ericsson in Lasse Stefanz, and originally thought to become a hit song with the own band.
40 ljuva år!
40 ljuva år! is a compilation album from Swedish dansband Lasse Stefanz released on 27 December 2006.
De sista ljuva åren
"De sista ljuva åren", Swedish: The last sweet years, lyrics and music by Jan Christer Eriksson, is a song that Swedish dansband Lasse Stefanz and Swedish singer Christina Lindberg recorded in a duet.
Trouble Boys
Trouble Boys is a 2013 studio album by the Swedish dansband Lasse Stefanz.

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