Leprous is a progressive metal band from Notodden, Norway, formed in 2001. Founded and led by singer and keyboardist Einar Solberg and guitarist Tor Oddmund Suhrke. Their style is often classified as progressive metal or progressive rock, but encompass a wide array of influences and sounds.

After releasing several demos with relatively unstable lineups, the band released their first studio album, Tall Poppy Syndrome, in 2008. They subsequently gained prominence as the live backing band of Ihsahn (who is Solberg's brother-in-law), who, in turn, contributed on several Leprous records as guest singer or producer.[1][2][3] Their acclaimed 2011 album Bilateral led to further attention. After two albums which followed the same musical direction, Coal (2013) and The Congregation (2015), Leprous took a more rock-oriented and less metal approach with Malina (2017), their first record not to feature harsh vocals.[4] Their albums have received mostly positive reviews.[4]



Malina is the fifth studio album by Norwegian progressive metal band Leprous, released on August 25, 2017, through Inside Out Music.Malina is the first album to feature Robin Ognedal on guitar, and the first not to feature former guitarist Øystein Landsverk, who left the band after 13 years.
Illuminate is a song by musical group Leprous, released on August 18, 2017.
Stuck is a song by musical group Leprous, released on July 28, 2017.
From the Flame
From the Flame is a song by musical group Leprous, released on June 16, 2017.

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