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Gustav Elijah Åhr (November 1, 1996 – November 15, 2017), known professionally as Lil Peep, was an American-Swedish[2] rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was known for being part of a "post-emo revival style of hip-hop".[3][4][5]

Åhr died of an accidental fentanyl-Xanax overdose on November 15, 2017.[6]



Avoid is a song by musical artist Lil Peep, released on October 13, 2017.
Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1
Come Over When You're Sober, Pt.
Come Over When You're Sober
Come Over When You're Sober is an album by musical artist Lil Peep, released on August 14, 2017.
The Brightside
The Brightside is a song by musical artist Lil Peep, released on July 28, 2017.

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Phil Elverum Didn't Get Lil Peep at First, Either
  –  March 14, 2018
2 was sampled twice by the late Lil Peep, its immediately identifiable ... 2 almost two decades ago under the Microphones name, what he thought of his music being repurposed before today. In a new interview with Stereogum as part of promo for his upcoming ...
Phil Elverum has a poignant reaction to Lil Peep sampling his music
  –  March 14, 2018
Phil Elverum records as Mount Eerie, and his songs “(Something)” and “Headless Horseman" from 2001's the Glow pt. 2 were sampled in Lil Peep's online hits “White Wine” and “BeamerBoy” (both Peep songs were produced by Nedarb). In a new ...
Phil Elverum Talks Lil Peep Sampling Mount Eerie: "I Just Really Didn't Get It"
  –  March 14, 2018
The unlikely connection between Mount Eerie and Lil Peep was the late rapper's use of Phil Elverum's music as a sample source. After Peep's passing late last year, Elverum had tweeted, "Lil Peep is on my mind," and the songwriter has now reflected on the ...
Phil Elverum On Critical Acclaim, Lil Peep, & Mount Eerie’s New Album Now Only
  –  March 14, 2018
I’m mostly fine with anyone using my music for whatever. Everything’s just compost that gets reused. When he died, I tweeted, “Lil Peep is on my mind” because death was on my mind. More people dying, young people dying, people dying before their ...
Marshmello Honors Lil Peep's Vision in 'Spotlight' Music Video -- Watch
  –  February 12, 2018
Marshmello is continuing to honor Lil Peep's legacy. The video director, Peep's friend Nick Koenig, aka Hot Sugar, describes the macabre video as focusing on the significance of objects in relationships. Relationships have a way of ...
  –  February 12, 2018
Marshmello has shared the video for “Spotlight,” his collaboration with Lil Peep. “Spotlight” was released last month receiving rave reviews from the press, with The New York Times dubbing the song a “slow-rolling, drained-mood seether” and ...
Sydney Scores New Trap Club ‘Awful Things’ In Honour Of Lil Peep
  –  January 17, 2018
The alternative music revival in Sydney has just ramped up a notch with the announcement of a brand new monthly club night dedicated to all things trap, hip-hop and emo rap. Dubbed ‘Awful Things’ after Soundcloud rapper Lil Peep (RIP), the freshly ...
Marshmello Releases Lil Peep Collaboration 'Spotlight'
  –  January 15, 2018
At first, Marshmello considered scrapping the track, but Lil Peep's mother asked him if he would release it as a tribute to her son. 'Peep brought an excitement to music that was unparalleled to anybody I've ever met," Marshmello said in a statement.
Lil Peep: SoundCloud rap pioneer who fell victim to the drug use and depression his music highlighted
  –  December 27, 2017
‘I hear voices in my head, they tellin’ me to call it quits, I found some Xanax in my bed, I took that shit, went back to sleep’ Getty Like many creative suburban misfits, Gustav Åhr, who has died aged 21, didn’t get on with a lot of people in ...
Lil Peep’s Mom Drops One Of The Late Rapper’s Final Music Videos
  –  December 20, 2017
Five weeks after Lil Peep’s untimely death, a video for his track “Save That Shit” has been posthumously released. The rising rapper died in November at the age of 21. The Mezzy and Heavy Rayn-directed clip begins with a dedication from Lil Peep’s ...
Lil Peep's Mom Releases 'Save That S--t' Music Video Following His Death - Watch Now
  –  December 20, 2017
Lil Peep‘s mother is honoring the musical legacy of her late son, the rising rap star who tragically died in November at the young age of 21. Liza Womack, Peep‘s mom, released the music video for “Save That S–t” on Wednesday (December 20).

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