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Gazzy Garcia (born August 17, 2000), known professionally as Lil Pump, is an American rapper and songwriter.[3] He is best known for his song "Gucci Gang" which peaked at number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and other songs such as "D Rose" and "Boss".[4] The song "Gucci Gang" has been certified platinum.[5] He released his debut studio album, Lil Pump, on October 6, 2017. He has subsequently released songs including "iShyne", "Designer", and "Esskeetit." Along with French Montana and Diplo, he recorded "Welcome to the Party", which debuted on Deadpool 2's soundtrack.[1] Charlie Sheen starred in the video of Pump's next single release, "Drug Addicts".



Drug Addicts
"Drug Addicts" is a song by American rapper Lil Pump.
Esskeetit is a song by musical artist Lil Pump, released on April 13, 2018.
I Shyne
"I Shyne" (stylized as "i SHYNE") is a song recorded by Guatemalan-American DJ Carnage and American rapper Lil Pump.
Designer is a song by musical artist Lil Pump, released on January 9, 2018.

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French Montana, Lil Pump and Diplo’s “Welcome to the Party” Played by French Team at 2018 World Cup
  –  July 16, 2018
French Montana was lit at the 2018 World Cup Championship as his song "Welcome to the Party," which features Lil Pump, Diplo and Zhavia ... But, the true icing on the cake was when the rapper's newest single was played in the moments following their ...
Lil Pump Posts Disturbing Cry For Help On His IG Story
  –  July 11, 2018
Lil Pump's latest Instagram story leaves fans concerned for his mental health. Though the divisive rapper Lil Pump is far from a sympathetic figure in the rap game, he recently took to Instagram to voice some alarming thoughts. Amidst footage of his ...
Lil Pump Stops Wireless Festival Show To Assist Fan Having Seizure
  –  July 10, 2018
Ppl are always quick to slander and say bad stuff about Lil Pump.. but forget he’s the most caring and thoughtful rapper in the game .. he stopped his whole performance to get medical help for a fan having a seizure.
Britannica CEO Talks Google, Wikipedia and What Lil Pump Can Teach Us About Credibility
  –  July 10, 2018
[Editor’s note: At this point in the conversation, Krishna decides to cement his point about the variability of internet credibility by asking me to perform a search to contrast two user-generated articles on the rapper Lil Pump. Lil Pump (via Instagram ...
Lil’ Pump Stops Performance For Fan Appearing to Have a Seizure
  –  July 10, 2018
On Sunday, Lil’ Pump performed at the 2018 Wireless Festival in London ... Fans carried him into the front of the crowd in where security rushed him to the paramedics. “Gucci Gang” rapper followed him to see if he was alright and in stable condition.
Lil Pump Jumps In To Help Concertgoer Having Seizure
  –  July 9, 2018
London, England – As Lil Pump was performing at the Wireless Festival in London on Sunday (July 8), he spotted a fan having a seizure in the middle of the crowd. Without hesitation, the 19-year-old rapper stopped the show and got the man to the front of ...
Lil Pump Stops Performance To Help Fan Having A Seizure
  –  July 9, 2018
People can be quick to jump at anything negative they read about Lil Pump. The outspoken rapper is one of the most hated figures in the game right now and his contributions to music are consistently discredited. Pump's influence on the youth has been ...
You won’t believe who pops up in Lil Pump’s ‘Drug Addicts’ video. Or maybe you will.
  –  July 9, 2018
Lil Pump, you caught us by surprise. The Miami rapper, born Gazzy Garcia, just released a video for his latest song “Drug Addict,” and it features a famous costar. We’re not used to seeing Sheen in music videos; probably the last time we saw the ...
Lil Pump Stops 2018 Wireless Festival Performance for Fan Appearing to Have a Seizure
  –  July 9, 2018
Please. I don't want no crazy shit happening to y'all." Following his performance, Lil Pump hopped on Instagram to share one more message with his fans. Posting on his Instagram Story, the rapper wrote, "I'll never let none of my fans die at my show I love ...
Charlie Sheen hands out drugs to psychiatric patients in Lil Pump’s new music video
  –  July 7, 2018
Doctor Sheen and Lil pump at work (Picture: YouTube) And because this a music video, the hospital ward suddenly turned into pumping party as ‘nurses’ passed drugs around as ‘Doctor Sheen’ and the rapper are seen dabbling into the drugs they have ...
Charlie Sheen becomes drug-peddling doctor for Lil Pump video
  –  July 6, 2018
Charlie Sheen has taken on the role of a doctor to hand out pills to psychiatric patients in rapper Lil Pump’s new music video. The former Two and a Half Men star recently teamed up with the rising MC to film the promo for the song Drug Addict ...
Charlie Sheen Hands out Drugs in Lil Pump's New Music Video
  –  July 6, 2018
In the accompanying music video, Sheen and Lil Pump play orderlies giving out drugs at a treatment ... to the Party" from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, alongside DJ Diplo, rapper French Montana, and singer Zhavia Ward. Believe it or not, this isn't the ...
Charlie Sheen Passes Out Drugs in Lil Pump's New 'Drug Addict' Music Video
  –  July 6, 2018
Charlie Sheen can officially add “music video star” to his resume. The actor joined rapper Lil Pump in the music video for his new song “Drug Addict.” In the clip, which dropped late Thursday night, Sheen stars as a doctor in a psychiatric ward.
Charlie Sheen makes a cheeky comeback in Lil Pump's 'Drug Addicts' video
  –  July 6, 2018
The former Two and a Half Men star, whose drug-fueled escapades relegated him to Hollywood exile, is back — and has chosen a cheeky comeback vehicle, starring opposite Miami rapper Lil Pump in the music video for his song “Drug Addicts,” which ...
Watch Lil Pump’s ‘Drug Addicts’ Video Starring Charlie Sheen
  –  July 6, 2018
After teasing it on social media, Lil Pump unleashes the wild video for “Drug Addicts” co-starring Charlie Sheen. In the Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip, the 17-year-old rapper and 52-year-old actor play doctors at a psychedelic hospital ward.
Charlie Sheen stars in Lil Pump's music video for 'Drug Addicts'
  –  July 6, 2018
July 6 (UPI) --Charlie Sheen is seen partying inside a hospital in rapper Lil Pump's new music video for his song "Drug Addicts." The video, released on Thursday, features Sheen and Lil Pump pushing around a cart full of drugs as they hand off pills to ...
Charlie Sheen Stars in Rapper Lil Pump’s ‘Drug Addicts’ Music Video
  –  July 6, 2018
Charlie Sheen has found a new acting gig. The “Two and a Half Men” alum’s self-professed tiger blood just infiltrated the rap game, with Sheen joining Lil Pump for the emcee’s “Drug Addicts” music video. The two play doctors at some sort of ...
Charlie Sheen stars in Lil Pump's Drug Addict music video
  –  July 6, 2018
The former 'Two And A Half Men' star - who appeared in the likes of 'Typical Rick' and 'Mad Families' in 2017 - plays Dr. Sheen opposite the 17-year-old rapper in the promo ... In the video, Charlie and Lil Pump - whose real name is Gazzy Garcia - both ...
Lil Pump, Charlie Sheen Play Wild Doctors in ‘Drug Addicts’ Video
  –  July 6, 2018
The “Gucci Gang” rapper is expected to announce his second album soon. Lil Pump is currently on tour throughout the summer. His next date is Friday, July 6th at the Splash Festival in Gràfenhainichen, Germany.
Charlie Sheen Stars in Lil Pump’s ‘Drug Addicts’ Music Video
  –  July 6, 2018
Those are just two of the many drug references that pepper the lyrics to Lil Pump’s latest, “Drug Addicts.” The rapper dropped the track and a video co-starring Charlie Sheen (watch it above), late on Thursday night (July 5). In the clip, directed by ...
Lil Pump and Charlie Sheen join forces for “Drug Addicts”: Watch
  –  July 6, 2018
Today, “Gucci Gang” rapper Lil Pump returns with his brand new single, “Drug Addicts”. As promised, the song’s accompanying video stars none other than Charlie Sheen. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the video casts Lil Pump and Sheen as doctors ...
Charlie Sheen Appears in Lil’ Pump’s Latest Video ‘Drug Addict’
  –  July 6, 2018
Lil Pump’s new single, “Drug Addict” will feature controversial ... Yesterday (July 4), the former Two and a Half Men actor posted a picture of himself with the rapper on the set of the new video in a tweet. The video sees the rapper with Sheen ...

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