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Gazzy Garcia (born August 17, 2000), known professionally as Lil Pump, is an American rapper, record producer and songwriter.[2] He is best known for his song "Gucci Gang" which peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100.[3] This song is also his first to get platinum certified.[4] He released his debut studio album, Lil Pump, on October 6, 2017.



Esskeetit is a song by musical artist Lil Pump, released on April 13, 2018.
I Shyne
"I Shyne" (stylized as "i SHYNE") is a song recorded by Guatemalan-American DJ Carnage and American rapper Lil Pump.
Designer is a song by musical artist Lil Pump, released on January 9, 2018.
Lil Pump
Lil Pump is the debut studio album by American rapper Lil Pump.

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Lil Pump to J. Cole: 'Thank You for All the Clout'
  –  April 24, 2018
Specifically, fans saw Cole's lyrics as a response to Lil Pump and Smokepurpp's old habit of yelling "Fuck J. Cole," as well as Pump's song of the same name. The 17-year-old rapper appears unbothered by the whole situation. Understanding that any ...
Lil Pump Says He'll Kick His Grandpa In The Neck Before Quitting Lean
  –  April 24, 2018
A few weeks a go, Lil Pump took to social media to announce that he'll be "kicking the cup" and put an end to his use of lean. However, that may not be the case. The rapper took to Instagram to reveal that he's not finished with his drink of choice just yet.
Lil Pump on Lean: 'I'll Kick My Grandpa in the Neck Before I Kick the Cup'
  –  April 24, 2018
Lil Pump isn't letting go his favorite drinkable drug just yet. The 17-year-old rapper shared that he'll go to violent extremes before giving up lean. "So what? I'll kick my grandpa in the neck before I kick the cup," he said in a video shown on Rap Catch ...
Lil Pump’s “Esskeetit” Enters Billboard Hot 100
  –  April 24, 2018
Last year, Pump teased his own J. Cole diss, which featured him taking shots at the rapper over a trap beat. "Man, fuck J. Cole/You is a bitch ass nigga/You is a ugly ass nigga," he raps. Check out Lil Pump's Instagram video below.
Lil Pump Celebrates YouTube Accomplishment For "ESSKEETIT" Music Video
  –  April 24, 2018
Lil Pump has a lot to be happy about. He has a boatload of cash from his new deal, "Gucci Gang" was one of the biggest songs of last year, and now his "Eskeetit" video is quickly gaining in popularity. While he may not be everybody's favorite rapper ...
Lil Pump Laughs At His Haters: “We Just Debuted On Billboard”
  –  April 24, 2018
Florida rapper Lil Pump is letting numbers do all the talking. The hip-hop newcomer has hit up social media to let fans and critics alike know he’s officially debuted on the Billboard music chart. Pumper went to Instagram last night (April 24 ...
J. Cole allegedly takes shots at Lil Pump on new album KOD
  –  April 23, 2018
However one track, “1985 – Intro to “The Fall Off,” has a message that many believe is aimed at 17-year old Miami rapper Lil Pump. Now J. Cole isn’t one to pick fights with other rappers for no reason and many believe his beef stems from an ...
Lil Pump Responds to J. Cole’s New Diss Track “1985”
  –  April 22, 2018
If you haven't noticed, it appears rising star Lil Pump and J. Cole have exchanged words online, following the release of Cole's new KOD album. On the new project, most believe Cole took shots at the teen rapper on the album cut "1985", though there is no ...
Lil Pump Derisively Shrugs Off J. Cole’s ‘1985’ Callout
  –  April 22, 2018
Of course, Lil Pump, being a Generation Z rapper born and bred in the era of the internet troll, has already responded. Rather than hunting down a mic and a beat to unleash a lyrical lashing on his elder, he did what all the kids do these days: Hit the ...
Fans Are Convinced J. Cole Is Taking Shots At Lil Pump On '1985'
  –  April 21, 2018
"1985 - Intro To 'The Fall Off'" is one of the more pointed and antagonistic tracks, which finds the Fayetteville MC targeting an unnamed rapper who fans have determined is Lil Pump or maybe Smokepurpp. During the track, J. Cole takes various pointed jabs.
Lil Pump Appears to Respond to J. Cole’s ‘1985’
  –  April 21, 2018
It seems like Lil Pump has a message for J. Cole. Many people believe that the “Gucci Gang” rapper responded to Cole’s perceived diss on his new song “1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off’).” Taking to social media, Pump’s video message was concise ...
Lil Pump Reacts To J. Cole’s Supposed Diss As Expected
  –  April 20, 2018
Several Twitter users scrambled to figure out who Cole was targeting and many concluded it was Lil Pump. Now, the “Gucci Gang” rapper has responded to Cole’s supposed diss on social media. “Wow you get so much props,” he says in a video.
Lil Pump Dismisses J. Cole After Alleged Diss On “1985”
  –  April 20, 2018
Fans immediately thought of Purpp and Pump, since both have tweeted harsh things about the rapper in the past. Cole also addresses a black artist on the track (most likely directed to Purpp, since Lil Pump is of Latin descent). “I must say, by your songs ...
J. Cole Seemingly Addresses SmokePurpp & Lil Pump On “1985 (Into To ”The Fall Off”)”
  –  April 20, 2018
Although he doesn’t name any names, it seems likely that the bars are directed at Florida SoundCloud upstarts Lil Pump and Smokepurpp. He starts off by addressing a teenage rapper that dissed him, offering to teach the young MC a lesson: I heard one of ...
Lil Pump – Esskeetit (Video)
  –  April 14, 2018
Following the breakout success of "Gucci Gang", Lil Pump drops another flashy video for his latest single, "Esskeetit". The flashy clip finds the young rapper flexing heavy, with the video kicking off with a Brinks truck pulling up to his crib and ...
Lil Pump Drops New Single & Music Video ESSKEETIT
  –  April 13, 2018
"Esskeetit" continues what's become a tradition and unbreakable hot streak of larger-than-life anthems for the rapper. Hinging on booming production ... one of the most anticipated releases of 2018. Lil Pump, whose RIAA double-platinum "Gucci Gang" topped ...
Lil Pump Flexes On Everyone With a Truck Full of Money In Trippy 'ESSKEETIT' Music Video: Watch
  –  April 13, 2018
Lil Pump unveiled his bouncy, self-produced new single "ESSKEETIT" today (April 12), along with its video that had originally been reported stolen from Pump on Monday. The video is as colorful and eccentric as Pump himself, with the rapper tackling ...
Video: Lil Pump – ‘Esskeetit’
  –  April 13, 2018
Still buzzing off the success of “Gucci Gang,” Lil Pump unloads the flashy video for his 2018 anthem ... game of strip poker and “Esskeetit” in the sky. The 17-year-old rapper broke onto the charts with last year’s “Gucci Gang,” which ...

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