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Lords of Acid is a Belgian and American techno band, led by musician Praga Khan. They debuted with the new beat single "I Sit on Acid" in 1988. Created by Praga Khan, Olivier Adams, and Jade 4U; their debut album, 1991's Lust (along with additional singles "Rough Sex" and "I Must Increase My Bust"), were critically acclaimed within the electronic music and dance music communities for their outrageously sexual lyrics and sound samples. Their second album was Voodoo-U (1994), which featured a more industrial sound. This was followed by Our Little Secret (1997), Heaven Is an Orgasm (1998) and Expand Your Head (1999). In 2000 they released a more rock-influenced album titled Farstucker and in 2003, after being in the business for fifteen years, released a greatest hits album called Greatest T*ts.

In 2010, after almost ten years without a release, Khan announced a new EP, Little Mighty Rabbit, was in the works with a September 2011 release date.[1] Their latest album Deep Chills was released on 10 April 2012. Tracks on the album included "Children of Acid", "Paranormal Energy" with Zak Bagans, and "Pop That Tooshie" with Alana Evans.[2]

In October 2013, Lords of Acid announced on their social media accounts that a new album was in the works.[3][4]

Lords of Acid's soundtrack credits include Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Sliver, Strange Days, Bad Lieutenant, Paparazzi, Virtuosity and Sucker Punch.



Before the Night Is Over
Before the Night Is Over is a song by musical group Lords Of Acid, released on April 6, 2018.
Deep Chills
Deep Chills is the fifth studio album from Belgian electro-industrial band Lords of Acid.
Voodoo-U is the second studio album from Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid.
Greatest T*ts
Greatest T*ts is a greatest hits compilation album by Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid and the third hits set released by the band.

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