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Massive Ego are a British Darkwave musical group formed in 1996 by singer and ex-model,[2] Marc Massive[3] (also the owner of the Public Disordar label[4]) and Andy J Thirwall. The band has changed its sound and image since its formation. The original releases being mostly covers in a Eurodance, Hi-NRG style. Massive and Thirwall later parted ways, and Massive searched for a new musical direction for the band. Collaborations with Empire State Human and Lia Organa & Electric Prince were the start of a darker sound for the band. The band joined alternative German label Out of Line Music in 2015 with the line-up; Marc Massive, Oliver Frost, Lloyd Price and Scot Collins. Their debut album for Out of Line was released on 17 February 2017. The current themes of the songs centre around the darker side of life, depression and anxiety, death, suicide, love, sex and vampirism. In 2017, the band became a trio due to Lloyd's departure.



Master & Servant
Master & Servant is a compilation album by dance band Massive Ego.
Low Life
Low Life is the first EP from British darkwave band Massive Ego.
Beautiful Suicide
Beautiful Suicide is the second studio album from British darkwave band Massive Ego.
I Idolize You
"I Idolize You" is the fifth single from British Darkwave band Massive Ego.

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