The Melvins are an American rock band that formed in 1983[1] in Montesano, Washington. They have mostly performed as a trio, as well as a quartet with two drummers in recent years. Since 1984, vocalist and guitarist Buzz Osborne and drummer Dale Crover have been constant members. The band was named after a supervisor at a Thriftway in Montesano, Washington, where Osborne also worked as a clerk. "Melvin" was despised by other employees, and the band's members felt it to be an appropriately ridiculous name.[2] Their early work was key to the development of both grunge and sludge metal.[3]



Embrace the Rub
Embrace The Rub is a song by musical group Melvins, released on March 28, 2018.
Stop Moving To Florida
Stop Moving to Florida is a song by musical group Melvins, released on February 19, 2018.
A Walk with Love & Death
A Walk with Love & Death is a double album by the Melvins released on July 7, 2017 through Ipecac Recordings.
Jam in the Van - The Melvins
Jam in the Van - The Melvins is an album by musical group Melvins, released on June 27, 2017.

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