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Michelle Jacqueline Chamuel (born 1986) is an American singer, songwriter and producer. She has released several works as a solo artist and in partnership with others. She was the lead singer of the band Ella Riot and the runner-up on season four of The Voice. Influenced by Imogen Heap and Max Martin, she is also known by her producer moniker The Reverb Junkie. Her latest album titled Insights & Turnpikes was released in May 2017.



Insights & Turnpikes
Insights & Turnpikes is an album by musical artist Michelle Chamuel, released on May 30, 2017.
Ella Riot
Face the Fire
Face the Fire is the debut studio album by singer-songwriter-producer Michelle Chamuel.
Go Down Singing
"Go Down Singing" is a single released by Michelle Chamuel in November 2013, followed by an acoustic version in December 2013.

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