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Ola Kvernberg



Ola Kvernberg (born 16 June 1981) is a Norwegian jazz musician known for his virtuosic string swing violin playing and his international performances. He is the son of traditional musicians Liv Rypdal Kvernberg and Torbjørn Kvernberg, and the brother of traditional musicians Kari Kvernberg Dajani and fiddler Jorun Marie Kvernberg,[1] and grandson of the fiddler and traditional music composer Peter L. Rypdal. Kvernberg studied classical violin from the age of nine, and won 3rd prize in a great classical violin competition in Italy when he was fourteen.[2][3]


Steamdome is an album by musical artist Ola Kvernberg, released on December 1, 2017.
Credits is a song by musical artist Ola Kvernberg, released on August 11, 2017.
Grand General
Liarbird is a Jazz album by the Norwegian jazz violinist Ola Kvernberg.

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